The Azuki Next-Generation Live TV Everywhere Solution for Broadcasters

Live TV has become a hot commodity. According to a recent HuffPost TV article, some advertisers pay extra to reach live viewers because they're considered more passionate consumers, or tailor advertising campaigns to live programs. As a Broadcaster, you are under pressure to bring in bigger audiences and more revenue for your live TV programs and entertainment events.

Azuki can help you increase viewership reach by enabling you to connect your great linear live TV programming and targeted advertising to any device across any network – with consistent scale, quality, security and interactive experiences. You can rest assured your live TV content will engage and excite viewers, generate more revenue, and increase loyalty.

Azuki’s Solution for

Azuki offers you a powerful, yet simple to deploy, service-provisioning solution for dynamic delivery of live TV streaming services across any IP-based device over any network.  

Azuki’s next generation solution for live TV Everywhere:

  • Personalizes linear TV
  • Simplifies multi-screen delivery of targeted advertising
  • Scales real-time service control and advanced services to million of subscribers, concurrently
  • Helps you manage device proliferation
  • Supports multi-tenants
  • Enables turnkey brand-able applications

From the living room to the back porch to the back seat of a car – on a plethora of devices – you can be certain that viewers are seeing your live content, managed and optimized for every viewing condition.

How it Works

The Azuki solution is designed to help you deliver next-generation live TV Everywhere experiences and services.  Its dynamic client-based architecture supports world-class, multi-tenant, and scalable deployment across all screens anytime, anywhere - without complexity.

  • We provide a flexible, cost-effective, and turnkey service-provisioning solution that plugs into your existing network and works alongside your existing customers and partners.
  • We allow you to unlock new revenue opportunities with dynamic and targeted multi-screen ad insertion and replacement – and track who viewed what, where and when.
    • Our solution supports blackout enforcement and flexible deployment of dynamic ad insertion via regional head-end, network-edge and client-based, without changes to existing video infrastructure and workflows.
    • We support interactive and personalized advertising that can be customized on a per-user basis or group of subscribers – based on authorization rules – eliminating the need for re-transcoding of the original content into multiple versions.
  • We enable you to provide consistent, seamless, and personalized live content viewing experiences and capture real-time multi-screen content consumption analytics (big data analysis).
  • We offer dynamic streaming of live content with advanced time-shifted TV services, such as Catch-Up TV, Start-Over TV and Network DVR – and real-time entitlements enforcement.
  • We help you integrate with digital storefronts to enable one-to-one user-personalized transactional and online merchandising offerings that are related to the content subscribers are watching.
  • We protect live streams line no one else – with key-rotation – providing not only world-class security but also device, user, content and location-based controls.
  • We support FCC regulations for multi-language audio


You have done your best to promote your exciting live TV shows and events.  Now you can be certain they will be seen by anyone, anywhere, and on any device – so you can grow your audience and your revenues with repeat viewership and growing ratings.

  • Our complete solution is a robust end-to-end workflow for dynamic live content preparation, protection and delivery that takes care of every step so that you don’t need to manage different vendors and technologies.
  • Our platform is scalable and flexible, and it’s also fast to deploy. With an Azuki next-generation live streaming solution and our ninety-days-or-fewer deployment time frame, you’ll be sending your live content over the air with personalized and interactive viewing experiences.  
  • We make it easy for you to support new devices in a cost-effective manner – without compromising on functionality, security or time-to-market – while ensuring consistent functionality across multiple platforms and networks.
  • Azuki is leading the video-delivery revolution to any screen and any network. Our proven solutions are used by some of the biggest brands in the business. Rest assured that you’ve made a smart choice by selecting a proven, reliable robust partner with technology that’s designed to handle whatever direction the multi-screen, broadcast TV Everywhere landscape takes.

Azuki’s next-generation live TV Everywhere solution for broadcasters was built with your needs in mind. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges of streaming live content across multiple devices and networks, so that you can put your great live content in viewers’ hands, wherever those may be.

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