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What is the Azuki Partner Program?

These programs allow partners to work with Azuki to become authorized resellers, deliver professional services, or to create tightly integrated joint solutions. Azuki’s Partner Program enables partners to take advantage of their relationship with Azuki and our products to broaden their product offering in customer accounts, and to increase their overall revenue.

What are the different partner types within the Program program?

There are 4 programs that partners can join. The programs include:

Alliance Program — Hardware and software companies that have products that interact with Azuki products, wishing to resell Azuki products through an integrated white-labeled solution. These partners are often OEM partners, which manage a hosted service (SaaS) utilizing Azuki products.

Reseller Program — Channel partners wishing to resell Azuki products.

Technology Program — Hardware and software companies that have products that add value to the Azuki product offering.

Services Program — Professional services organizations with expertise in the video industry.

Who is eligible for membership in the Azuki Partner Program?

Any partner that fits the program criteria defined above is welcome to apply to join the appropriate Azuki Partner Program.

Why has Azuki developed a Partner Program?

Azuki believes that it can best maximize its reach and revenue, by creating and nurturing select partnerships with select firms within the video industry. Azuki’s disruptive technology in multi-screen video delivery, offers a similar opportunity for our partners to increase their revenue, by reselling or integrating with our products.

What kinds of companies join Azuki’s Partner Program?

Companies that have joined include hardware vendors, software vendors, system integrators, VARs, distributors, and third party service providers.

Does Azuki provide products to members?

Depending on the type of partner, Azuki does provide temporary hardware and software for testing purposes, and offers significant discounts for permanent hardware and software to its partners.

Is there a charge for joining the Azuki Program?

No. There is no nominal fee to join the Azuki Partner Program. Firms that do invest in Azuki technology, for in-house test or to enable managed services offerings, receive increased benefits within the Azuki Partner Program.

Do I have to renew my membership in Program?

Membership is typically renewed annually, but is determined based on the particular contract.

I have a technology that I want to integrate with Azuki, how do I do this?

First, you join the Technology Partner Program. Azuki and the partner will undergo compatibility testing, and then discuss a business case where each party determines the revenue impact of the development work for both partners.

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