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Raj Nair
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Raj Nair is a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Azuki, responsible for the product architecture and overall technical leadership for the company. As an early forward-looking thinker, Raj has helped define a number of new technologies that have spawned several new industries. Raj brings a range of Web, content distribution and data networking experience to this role.

Raj was previously with Cisco Systems through Cisco’s acquisition of ArrowPoint Communications, where his roles included architecting Cisco’s Content Delivery Networking (CDN) product line. As a founding engineer with ArrowPoint, he conceived the notion of “content switching” to pioneer the transformation from layer 4 load balancing to layer 4-7 content switching which has grown to a multi-billion dollar market today. Raj was instrumental in development of the award-winning Web network services (WebNS) software with several patented technologies including Web and media server virtualization, server load sensing and global load balancing. Raj also fueled early innovation in the areas of Web Services, SSL acceleration and technology that now comprises the foundation for today’s session border controllers.

Prior to ArrowPoint, Raj was a Principal Engineer at Fujitsu Communications building a large, multi-services, ATM switch. He was responsible for the network-level architecture and contributions to the IETF, ATM Forum and ITU in the areas of traffic management and QoS routing. Previously at Netrix Corporation, Raj helped design a multi-service Frame Relay and X.25 circuit/packet router for one of the industry’s first integrated video, voice and data switches.

Raj has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from IIT Madras, India and a PhD in computer science from University of Maryland where he conducted research on the performance and scalability of distributed routing across large networks and was instrumental in helping gain acceptance of OSPF which is the mainstay of today’s Internet routing.

Raj has authored several technical papers, RFCs and patents in the areas of content distribution and data networking.

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