Azuki Media Everywhere™ Solution for Multi-Service Operators

You operate one of the most powerful, extensive networks with great content relationships, advertising partners and customers who expect their video services from you. But the world has changed.  Consider the booming success of mobile tablets, which industry analysts forecast to grow above 50 million shipping in 2014 – a market segment that barely existed in 2009.

In order to stay ahead of the market and offer new, compelling services to subscribers, you need to capitalize on the new wave of mobile, multi-screens and over-the-top video delivery technologies.

What it is Azuki Media Everywhere™?

Azuki Media Everywhere™ is an end-to-end video delivery solution that lets you take your first screen TV content and experience to multiple-screens – via managed and un-managed networks.  Our solution is tailored to build off your strengths and deliver amazing multi-screen video to your subscribers – fast.

  • Have the confidence that, no matter what direction technology shifts, you’ll have a robust multi-screen video delivery platform that will adapt to the changes.
  • Deliver your Live and Video-on-Demand content to multi-screen devices and profit from advertising relationships while growing your bottom line and capturing new subscribers.
  • Your networks are large, extensive, and expensive to build. Azuki Media Everywhere™ integrates with your existing infrastructure so you not only protect that investment; you leverage it to create an even stronger multi-screen offering.

How it works.

Azuki Media Everywhere integrates with your existing infrastructure in a robust, market-proven, reliable manner. We understand that your best solution is one that fits with the workflow, technologies, and techniques you’ve already deployed so you can offer subscribers substantially more without re-inventing the network.  With Azuki Media Everywhere™, Multi-Service Operators can:

  • Leverage a common interface for media transcoding, segmentation, content protection (DRM), wrapping, and uploading.
  • Correlate device, user, and content in real-time, including media preparation scheduling.
  • Manage content delivery based on client requests for playlist downloading and adaptive streaming.
  • Provide service mediation for playlist handling and content license service, including session set up, bitrate control, and CDN routing.
  • Leverage the client’s end-to-end controls for intelligent and dynamic bandwidth traffic management and content protection. 
  • Utilize our intelligent client to continuously monitor the digital stream and ensure the highest quality of service.
  • Obtain extensive analytics and reporting via the media client.
  • Enable new opportunities for monetization. 


The bottom line is a robust, scalable, class-leading OTT optimized multi-screen solution that protects your infrastructure investment, deploys quickly, and provides subscribers with video quality that’s nothing short of amazing. All of this, and more, from a proven system that’s market-tested, reliable, and uses the most advanced multi-screen content protection available.

Azuki’s Media Everywhere™ solution was built with your needs in mind. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges of embracing the TV Everywhere revolution, put great video in users’ hands, and deliver services that inspire and excite your customers.

  • We offer a cost-effective, turnkey solution that plugs into your existing network and works alongside your existing technologies.
  • Our technology is reliable, robust, and market-proven. Azuki solutions power some of the world’s most respected brands, today, so you can be certain that we’ll work right, right away. And in the unlikely event there is a problem, we have the experience to make it right.
  • Our platform is scalable and flexible, and it’s also fast. You can start sending shows over the air while they’re still on the air with our 90-days-or-less deployment timeframe.

Give us a call to give it a spin.