Azuki Media Everywhere™ for Mobile Network Operators

Your world has grown faster, sooner, than anyone would have guessed, driven by user demands for Internet services and videos over-the-air. We get it: at Azuki we started with the goal of building the world’s best OTT optimized multi-screen video solution, and your network makes this all possible. But now, with more and more devices using more and more bandwidth, you need robust solutions that are intelligent and deliver both great quality and help manage your network to ensure everyone can enjoy the benefits of “anytime, anywhere.” As the global leader in the over-the-top, multi-screen TV Everywhere revolution, Azuki has the solutions you need.

What is Azuki Media Everywhere™?

The Azuki Media Everywhere™ is the world’s most advanced, proven, purpose-built multi-screen video solution. We knew from day one that network infrastructure would be vital; our Media Client was created with superior intelligence to go beyond playback and also monitor, manage, and optimize delivery and playback. Our managed services ensure that you can deploy and scale customer solutions on-demand — at a level that will ensure enterprises, content owners, and partners take notice. Present your brand as a leader at maximizing the power of the network.

The best video, delivered and managed by a platform that protects your network, takes advantage of existing infrastructure, and puts you in the driver’s seat of the TV Everywhere revolution.

  • Azuki Media Everywhere optimizes OTT video delivery with security, quality, scalability, and reliability to any platform and any device, removing the headaches associated with stitching together individual solutions.
  • Our technologies establish a foundation for a new way to generate revenue. Take advantage of your own content and excite and inspire customers to do more with theirs.
  • Your solution to the next visual transformation — the over-the-top, multi-screen, TV Everywhere revolution — is market-proven and deployed today. With Azuki your customers can watch any video, on any device, at any time, from anywhere.

How it works.

Azuki provides two channels for deployment of our technologies: as a managed service or a product. Our managed service allows you to deliver a world-class, multi-tenant, complete end-to-end solution on behalf of customers. Azuki’s product solution is incredible technology that integrates with your existing infrastructure in a robust, market-proven, reliable manner.

Both managed service and product solutions realize unique advantages by utilizing our smart client software. This Azuki Media Client brings unique intelligence to the video market that dynamically monitors, manages, and optimizes delivery. You’ll embrace it as one of the key ways you keep the network humming and amaze customers with unsurpassed quality.

  • A robust end-to-end solution that leverages your existing infrastructure and network.
  • World-class intelligence in a unique media client to intelligently deliver video, manage content, and maintain network optimization. From time of day, to bit rate, to opportunistic downloads; our client puts smarts to work for you.
  • Available as a managed service or a product, we have the right solution to fit your needs and those of your customers, today and tomorrow.
  • The Azuki platform provides tremendous possibilities for profiting from content for entertainment, education, instruction, communications, and more. Your customers — in business, at home, or in the classroom — will be excited, inspired, and realize the promise of the anytime, anywhere video revolution.
  • The world’s best multi-screen content protection ensures that you’re not just delivering amazing content; you’re delivering it responsibly. Azuki provides a level of content protection that allows you to offer the best premium content with device, user and location-based controls.


With more and more multi-screen devices consuming content “on the go” and Nielsen data showing that tablet users are willing to watch video and ads, the future isn’t just coming, it’s here. Azuki Media Everywhere™ solution gives you the upper hand with the technologies and services you need to profit from the OTT multi-screen video revolution.

  • Our network management and monitoring technologies deliver great video while minimizing the impact on your already busy network.
  • Do you need a managed service or a product? With Azuki you can have either or both.
  • The Azuki end-to-end workflow is a complete solution that leverages your existing technologies and relationships, protects your investment, reduces complexity and, above all, ensures content will be beautiful and amazing.
  • Interoperates with existing partners and workflows for maximum flexibility and rapid deployment

Azuki Media Everywhere™ was built specifically with your unique needs in mind. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges with embracing the over-the-top, multi-screen, TV Everywhere revolution and put great video in the hands of viewers.

Give us a call to give it a spin.