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The award-winning Azuki Wireless Platform™ makes it easy to implement complete, multi-platform mobile content strategies.

Azuki delivers:

  • A comprehensive mobile media delivery solution serving high quality http adaptive bitrate video to all major mobile platforms—not just the iPhone
  • Turnkey production and hosting services
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Mobile application and browser-based solutions
  • Monetization through:
    • Advertising and sponsorship, including dynamic video ad insertion
    • Direct-to-consumer sales, including in-app purchase
    • Subscriptions

Your users will enjoy:

  • The highest quality on-demand and live event video with fast start and continuous, smooth playback
  • The best long-form viewing experience available on mobile
  • Advanced social media and interactive features

Key features:

  • Industry-leading mobile content protection
  • Rich social media and interactive features
  • Comprehensive analytics solution
  • Limitless scalability with CDN integration
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