Yellow Dot on iPhone: What It Is and How to Get Rid of It?

In this article, you’ll learn what the yellow dot at the top of your iPhone means. If you are a proud owner of an Apple device, you would be very aware of the constant updates. The latest released version of the iOS is 14.7.1 which is a brilliant one, providing a lot of new features for its users. Many basic updates benefit the users such as the new languages concerning the UI. Various other updates have also been added about Siri and the languages for translation. The one thing that has been noticed by the users is a strange yellow dot on the top-right screen corner. This dot was not there previously and has puzzled the users to a great extent and this article is to help you understand what exactly that it is. Continue reading the article below to solve your doubts!

What is the Yellow Dot on iPhone?

This yellow, borderline orange dot on the top right corner of the screen is an indicator to the users. Now you may wonder what indicator it is exactly. It is an indicator showing that the microphone of your device is in use. This dot feature, newly available on the iOS 14 version is sort of a safety measure used by Apple to indicate the authorized/unauthorized use of a microphone or camera.

The Yellow dot in the iPhone as said earlier is the indicator of the microphone of the phone being in use. The green dot on the other hand appears when the camera of the iPhone is in use. This update of the Apple software safeguards the privacy of the users. Thus ensuring, they are completely aware of what is in use and when.

Is the Yellow Dot an Error?

In simple and short terms, No. The yellow dot as explained earlier is not an error, it is merely a privacy enhancer of Apple. These dots cannot however be made rid of as they are an inbuilt feature of the update. This security measure of the update has increased the privacy of users.

It certainly took some time for people to understand the importance and the relevance of this dot, however, it is now appreciated by all its users. Even the occasional green dot that appears in a similar position to the yellow dot is not an error. As mentioned before it is merely an indication that the camera of your mobile device is in use.

This is a rather innovative method as everything is now online, the users will definitely need some kind of an indication method.

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1. Can You Disable the Yello Dot on the iPhone?

Because the yellow dot and its green counterpart are part of Apple’s push to make user privacy a priority, you cannot disable the feature.


As we reached the end of the article, it is hoped you are now aware of what exactly the yellow dot on your iPhone is. Keeping understandability as the priority, we have curated this article with descriptions of everything necessary. It is quite understandable that if you see a random yellow dot on your device when you wake up one day, it is going to be confusing. We hope this article has cleared all the doubts you had regarding this new update.

We have added all the necessary descriptions regarding the dot and the various types of dots. As there are two colors of the dots that appear on the top-right screen, we have added an explanation regarding both of them. In case there is something about the yellow dot or even the green dot that we have not mentioned in the article, do feel free to use the comment box to elaborate.

Apple being an innovative and initiative-taking company, it is bound to come up with much more such creative updates. If any of those updates concerns you or confuses you, do not forget to check out our page as we will always help you out!

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