Why Do My Airpods Keep Disconnecting?

Airpods are one of the most advanced devices that you can use in today’s world. If you are in the Apple ecosystem, then there is a high chance that you own at least a pair of them. However, many users face certain issues with their AirPods that hinder their experience. One of them is that their AirPods keep disconnecting, and if you are one such user, do not skip this post. It is because here we have provided you with the techniques using which you can fix this issue easily, without the help of the service centers. But before we begin, you must know why your AirPods keep disconnecting, even though you handle them with care.

Why Do My Airpods Keep Disconnecting?

Many times, it comes as a shock to the people using the AirPods when their AirPods keep disconnecting. However, we are in this era of technology that we can provide the reasons behind almost everything. Talking about the AirPods, here are the causes that explain why your AirPods keep disconnecting. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

1. Bluetooth Interference

It is quite possible that if you use the AirPods, you are also using Wi-Fi at your location. However, many of us do not realize the technology that plays behind this. Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operate (generally, in most cases) at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. So, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections interfere with each other. This results in the loss of connection to Bluetooth because Bluetooth sends weaker signals than Wi-Fi. You can easily fix this issue by adjusting the location of your Wi-Fi router and Bluetooth device so that they do not interfere.

2. Obsolete Software

Many times the users ignore the updates on their devices. These updates have important and major bug fixes, support systems for newer technologies, etc. They improve the user experience, so you must keep the devices all updated. If you are someone whose AirPods keep on disconnecting, you might want to update the firmware on your Airpods besides that on your source device.

3. Low Battery

All your devices need some power source to operate seamlessly, and your AirPods are no exception. So, if your AirPods keep disconnecting frequently, it is because you failed to charge them. However, you will face this issue even if your source device is low on battery. Therefore, you must make sure to keep the batteries of all the devices up to a substantial limit.

The case itself also needs to be charged regularly in order to function properly. To ensure that your AirPods stay connected, make sure to charge both the AirPods and the case regularly. Also, it’s good practice to check the battery levels of all your devices before using them to avoid any inconvenience.

4. Faulty Hardware

This is an issue that might give you a little stress because you cannot do a lot in such a case. However, before you conclude, we would clarify that this is a rare possibility. In 99% of the cases, you will get the issue fixed on your own by the time you finish all the techniques in this post. If your AirPods are now working fine, you must read further to know what else could be done if one of your friends gets into such a situation.

Is It a Serious Issue?

Yes and No. Yes, because you will need to visit the service center, which will consume your time. But if you have some time to spare, then it is not at all a serious issue because the technicians at the Apple Service Centres are qualified enough to fix this faulty hardware in your AirPods. But before you visit them, here are the techniques you must use to ensure the AirPods keep disconnecting issue is only due to hardware issues.

What to Do if My Airpods Keep Disconnecting?

First of all, do not panic. Second, you make sure that you have gone through the causes discussed above. If you still see that your AirPods keep disconnecting, you must follow the techniques discussed below.

1. On MacBook

If your source device is a MacBook, you must follow these steps to ensure that the MacBook is sending audio to the AirPods. Here is how you do it:

  1. Open the System Preferences on your MacBook.
  2. Go to Sound and navigate to the Output tab.
  3. Select the output device which represents your Airpods.

That’s all. If you were not getting a sound output, this might have been a reason. Now that it is fixed, you will get seamless audio on your AirPods.

2. On Apple Watch

Many users have got their issues fixed by performing a simple hack. We have shared the hack below. Make sure you do not skip any step in this case.

  1. Turn your devices off, including your Apple Watch and iPhone.
  2. Switch on your iPhone and then turn your watch on.
  3. Connect your Airpods to the watch.

This will connect the AirPods to your Apple Watch, and you can enjoy seamless audio.

3. On iPhone

Many users do not care to configure their AirPods and use the default settings. Although this works, you must do a comprehensive check when your AirPods keep on disconnecting.

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone (or other iOS devices).
  2. Click on Bluetooth and check if your Airpods appear in the paired devices list.
  3. If the AirPods show up, then forget this device. You can tap on the info button followed by Forget This Device option to do so.
  4. Close the settings, reboot your iOS device, and then connect your AirPods again.

If there is no issue with the AirPods, they will connect instantly. If the AirPods have a hardware issue, you will need an appointment at the Apple Service Centre.

4. Miscellaneous Tip

If you have used all the techniques and still your AirPods keep disconnecting, then you must reset your AirPods. This is an easy process, and here is how to do it.

  1. Keep your AirPods in the case and wait for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Open the charging case and on your iOS device, go to Bluetooth settings.
  3. Forget the device and when the popup appears, confirm it.
  4. Keep the lid open, and at the same time, press and hold the reset button at the back of the case for at least 15 seconds.
  5. By this time, the status light will change from yellow to white.

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This was all about the AirPods keep disconnecting issue, and we have discussed everything relevant to it. If there are hardware issues, get the device to the Apple Service Centre. However, we expect that you will get your AirPods back to working conditions using the techniques discussed here. Let us know in the comments section which technique helped you to fix the issue.

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