What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram?

If you’re living in the digital age, there is no way that you don’t use or have an Instagram account. Where almost everyone likes to record snippets of their lives through images and videos and then upload the same on social media, Instagram provides the perfect platform for the same. As a lot of people use the app, there are a few features that everyone needs to know about. In this article, we’ll talk about various features and what does restrict mean on Instagram.

Privacy can be dicey on social media platforms because of the uncertainty of rules and regulations. In most cases, the rules and regulations might be in place but the end-user is not aware of the same and therefore does not make use of the features provided for the user’s protection. Keep reading to find out more about the restrict option on Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger founded Instagram, an image and video-sharing site used for social networking. Users can upload their choice of photos and videos which can be edited through filters and also can be boosted through the use of hashtags and location tagging. There are two options of who can see your posts, the general public or followers who you choose to have as your followers.

Instagram also has a new Tik-Tok-like feature called Reels that allows users to make short videos and post them on their feed. These reels also make use of hashtags and geographical tagging to boost the viewership rate. Individuals can add their material to a personal feed by liking photos and following other users.

What Does Restrict Mean on Instagram?

Imagine you post something and your annoying friend keeps commenting on stuff that bothers you. In this case, you can’t block them because you’ll see them in real life sooner or later and things might get awkward and even ugly. So in that case, the restrict option is a true lifesaver. With the restrict option, you can restrict aspects of another account’s activity on your account.

The restrict feature allows the account to see your activity but can’t communicate with you normally, and they won’t realize it. When you restrict an account the following happens-

  • Your account will not be notified of any future comments from that person or account.
  • The restricted account won’t be able to see if you’re online or if you’ve read their messages because they won’t be able to see when you’re online.
  • When a restricted account leaves a comment on your post, only they and you will be able to see the comment, none of your other followers will be able to see it. To view the restricted account’s comments, you can see them by tapping See comment.
  • You can choose to allow others to view their comment by tapping Approve, if you don’t want to Approve, then you can ignore or delete it.

How to Restrict Someone on Instagram?

There are multiple ways to restrict someone on Instagram. You can restrict their comments, messages, and profile. Given below are the steps for each of the methods mentioned before.

1. Restricting through Profile

  • To go to their profile, tap or search their username on the explore page or you can also select their story post.
  • In the upper right, tap more options.
  • Tap Restrict account or Unrestrict account after selecting the option.

2. Restricting through Messages

  • In the top right corner of the feed, tap the send or message icon.
  • Tap the chat window with the person you’d like to block.
  • At the top of your chat, tap the person’s name.
  • In the upper right, tap more options.
  • At the bottom, tap Restrict, and then confirm the same.

3. Restricting through Comments

  • View all comments by going to your post and tapping the same.
  • If you have an iPhone, swipe left over the comment or tap or if you have an Android, hold the comment.
  • Tap Restrict or Unrestrict username.

Difference Between Block and Restrict

When an account is blocked by you, they can’t see your feed or stories. They will only be able to see and access the most basic stuff on your profile, such as the data at the top of it, such as how many people you follow, how many people follow you, and how many posts are on your feed. It doesn’t matter whether your profile is private or public, the blocked account will not be able to see your posts.

When you restrict someone’s access to your profile and posts, though, little changes on their end. They still have access to your Stories and feed, and you have access to theirs. You will be able to direct the message. The difference here is that you get to control what you want to see from their end on your feed.

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That’s a wrap on the ‘what does restrict mean on Instagram’ article. We hope you were able to find relevant information through this article and can decide which account to restrict and block. Instagram is a widely used platform so it is better to be careful. Privacy of a person is important and through features such as Restrict, you can make Instagram a safer place for yourself. Have a great day ahead!

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