How to Use Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

In this article, we are sharing some steps to use Visa Gift Card on Amazon. With the strike of the pandemic, online shopping has been all the rage. People were already invested in online shopping and social distancing was merely an excuse to continue shopping. Various websites fulfill the needs of the same and it is becoming highly popular in all countries. This is mostly because of how convenient it is to stay at home and receive your required items. Therefore, no need to move around and waste time and energy. Some of the most popular websites, which you are bound to have heard are Amazon, Flipkart, and Alibaba. These are some of the websites used by the majority of the population however, in this article we shall be focussing on Amazon and a certain feature of the same.

Amazon and Gift cards

Finding the perfect gift for someone is always a heinous task. It becomes worse when you forget the event and there is barely an hour to get the ideal gift. This is precisely when amazon gift cards come to your rescue. And they are the perfect save for such dangerous situations. They are basically cards that you can insert a certain amount of cash and the recipient can use the same for their Amazon purchases. This is a popular method of gifting especially when someone you want to gift something stays miles away from you.

With the pandemic, amazon gift cards are looked at as a knight in shining armor, however, there is only one issue with these cards. The problem lies in the fact that amazon gift cards cannot be used to purchase anything outside of amazon which is sometimes a hassle to some people. Amazon is a flourishing company delivering to over 200 countries, but the ones that do not have the shipping facility suffer. This is why we shall be talking about how to use visa cards as gift cards on Amazon in the article.

Visa Cards And Amazon

It is quite obvious that Amazon will give preference to Amazon gift cards over other options. Thus, we have to sneakily add the visa card for the same. There are options to add your desired card whether debit or credit and here is where we shall be tricking Amazon.

The only thing that you have to be cautious about is the amount of balance in the card you are loading. As the amount as the balance will be sent as the gift card. So ensure you don’t load your entire balance onto it! Additionally, keep in mind that some banks and financial institutions may flag the transaction as suspicious and may require additional verification. To avoid any issues, make sure to inform your bank about the transaction before adding the card to your Amazon account. Continue reading the article to figure out how to do the same.

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How to Use a Visa Gift Card on Amazon?

Before you follow the steps below, make sure the gift card that you are loading is activated. After which you have to make sure the card you are uploading has enough balance. You don’t want the recipient to receive a gift card with barely any amount in it! Once the following are confirmed, follow the step stated below.

Step 1- Open Amazon on your mobile or desktop and log in to your Amazon account. Then on the left-hand side, you shall find the three horizontal lines, clicking on which you have to go to “Your account”.

Step 2- Once you scroll down after clicking on “Your account”, you will find the “Manage payment links”. That option can be used to update your payment method and add the visa card.

Step 3- Under the manage payment options, you can find the “Amazon Gift card”. Using this you can load your pay balance, click on “Reload your balance.

Step 4- There will be amounts that are pre-typed as options. On the rightmost side, however, you will find a text box to enter your desired amount.

Step 5- Click on the “Add card” option next where you will have to enter the details of your card as per the information given.

Step 6- You will be required to enter an address after giving the details. For this step ensure you give your own address. This is not in any way related to the card, it is merely a formality.

Step 7- These are the steps to use your visa gift card on Amazon. Now all you have to do is put your desired items on the cart and then use the gift card option to make payment.


As we reached the end of the article, it is hoped you are now aware of how to add your Visa card as a gift card. Keeping understandability as the priority, we have curated this article with descriptions of all the benefits so it is easy for you to make your choice.

We have added all the necessary steps to add your Visa card as a gift card on Amazon. If you face any troubles whilst adding your Visa card, feel free to use the comment box to elaborate. Happy Shopping!

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