Toolkit For Facebook: Free Download 2023

Facebook Toolkit is a Google Chrome Extension that collects Facebook Automation Tools and saves you time while using Facebook. With a Premium Facebook toolkit for a Chrome license key, Toolkit for Facebook is a completely free working tool. All of Facebook’s tools are in one place. Facebook Toolkit can be used for a variety of undesirable purposes, including stalking on social media. As a result, keep in mind that you’re doing it at your own risk!

Toolkit for Facebook is an online tool that includes a large collection of over 20+ actions to help you streamline your Facebook experience. With just a cursory glance, the tool provides a plethora of research sourcing opportunities, and thoroughly digesting everything will take a few hours!

It’s worth noting that the Facebook Toolkit plugin is entirely free. It comes with0 a premium plan that offers you premium extraction tools. For a committed Facebook user or advertiser, I believe the premium add-on is a good choice. Important information such as phone numbers and email addresses can be obtained using Facebook IDs. It is, without a doubt, incredible, and I intend to devote more time and effort to it in the future.

Features of Facebook Toolkit

Given below are some of the features of both the type of Facebook Toolkit.

1. Removal Tools

  • It allows you to unfollow all Facebook pages at the same time.
  • You can also unfriend all of your friends at the same time.
  • One of its most interesting features is that you can unfollow all of your Facebook friends at the same time.
  • It gives you the option of deleting all comments at once.
  • The tool allows you the option of rejecting all friend requests at once.
  • You can unfollow all of your Facebook groups at the same time.
  • Likes on your Facebook page can be removed.
  • You can unsubscribe from all Facebook groups.
  • It enables you to invite your Facebook friends to like your page.

2. Facebook Tools: Facebook ID Extractor

  1. It enables you to invite your Facebook friends to like your page
  2. It allows you to invite your Friends To Join Your Group.
  3. You can accept all Friend Requests at once with this feature.
  4. You can use it to send many Friend Requests at the same time.
  5. It allows you to recommend one of your friends to another.
  6. There’s also a Facebook Video Downloader included.

Caution: This is a key precaution to note. This tool should be used with caution. You may use Toolkit for Facebook to do a variety of things on Facebook, such as unlawful data harvesting and stalking. As a result, I advise you to use this tool only if you understand what you’re doing and the potential consequences.

Where to Download Toolkit for Facebook From?

There are numerous Facebook toolkits available for download. Continue reading this post to learn about the best Facebook toolset

1. Toolkit for Facebook by CRX

CRX had just released Toolkit for Facebook for Chrome 54.0.2840 and above at the time of publishing. This is one of the best free Facebook toolkits for beginners that I would recommend. It’s straightforward to use, and setting it up is a breeze.

Download from latest v4.0.0.3 from here.

If you search the Chrome Web Store for Toolkit for Fb v4.0.0.3, you’ll notice that the offline CRX file was received without any notification or alteration.

How to Install and Use Facebook Toolkit

Installing a Facebook toolkit extension on the Google Chrome browser is simple. After you’ve downloaded the software’s zip file, simply follow the instructions below to install it on your device:

  1. Find the ZIP file on your computer and unzip it with WinRAR or another program.
  2. The next step is to open Chrome in your browser. Go to Extensions, then Settings. or type chrome:/extensions/ in the address bar
  3. Press Ctrl+Shift+E if you’re using Opera.
  4. In the right corner, turn on Developer Mode, and you’ll find a new option called “Load Unpacked.” Just click on it.
  5. Installing its Premium Version on your Chrome browser will just take a few seconds.
  6.  You have now successfully installed Facebook Social Toolkit in your Chrome Browser. Now, in the right corner of the Chrome Browser, click on FB Toolkit, and it will show you some useful and interesting alternatives. Simply choose a task and run it, and you’ll have access to all of the Premium Tools features for free.
  7. Now you can log in to your Facebook account and perform whatever action you want. It will request an email address as well as a license key or verification code. Click Unlock after entering any random email address and anything in the Licence Key Section.

It will now successfully unlock all of the Facebook Premium Social Toolkit Extension’s premium features. Now it’s time to have some fun! Please spread the word about this article to your friends.

About Toolkit v4.0.0.3 Extension

Toolkit For Facebook is a free Social & Communication Extension. Toolkit For FB is a collection of Facebook automation tools. Our extension’s free version gives you access to all tools (at no cost at all, for life).

All of the apps, games, and extensions on this page are solely for home or personal use. Please email us to have it removed if it infringes on your copyright.


Let me know what you think of this plugin if you use Toolkit for Facebook. And, if you’re going to use it, tell me why you’re going to use it in the comment section down below!

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