15 Best ThinkGeek Alternatives in 2021

Today, we will discuss the best ThinkGeek alternatives for computer enthusiasts. There is, of course, no shortage of e-commerce websites on the internet of all sorts whether it’s clothing, cosmetics, gadgets, accessories e.t.c. Especially when sites like amazon made it a lot easier to do online shopping. But as much as the need for the ease of buying things online has been sufficiently met by these platforms, tech geeks, movie geeks, and brand lovers are always looking for something more, something specific, and something way interesting that can truly satisfy their thirst for shopping online.

And that’s where comes the name of “ThinkGeek”. With more people are looking for online platforms like these to shop from and as the website recently got submerged with its parent company called GameStop, here we are providing you all the details about ThinkGeek and its alternatives.

What Is ThinkGeek?

In case if you are unaware of it, ThinkGeek is a specially curated e-commerce platform for people who are into the products of popular franchises, community, brand, movie series e.t.c.

The website basically serves the people who have a knack for peculiar stuff and want to stand apart from the ordinary and conventional, in terms of their shopping sense.

What Makes ThinkGeek Special?

ThinkGeek is a favorite website of all the tech-savvies who want customized stuff. It caters to the needs of Computer enthusiasts and geek culture. what makes it a lovable website for geeks is that the store’s merchandise was also licensed from science fiction and fantasy media work like- Star Trek, Minecraft, The Big Bang Theory, Star Wars, Firefly, and Doctor Who, Marvel Comics. It also deals in clothing, electronic and scientific gadgets, unusual computer peripherals. E.t.c.

However recently ThinkGeek.com shut down its online store in order to accommodate all of its products into the existing store of GameStop, which is exponentially growing its collection across the world.

Why Go For Alternatives Of ThinkGeek?

One of the main reasons can be that after the consolidation of ThinkGeek into GameStop, you might just get the feeling that there is something missing about the site or that the vibe is missing, or just something that may trigger you to want to look for other interesting alternatives of ThinkGeek.

Besides, it can also be that you’ve explored almost all the options that the website had in its bucket to offer you and now you’re good to move on to the next destination. For some of you, not having a good experience with the site can also be the reason for the lookout for new options.

Best ThinkGeek Alternatives 2021

We have saved you the trouble of wandering places in search of some of the most worthwhile alternatives of ThinkGeek, as this article is a full-fledged solution for that. Here is the list of some of the best alternatives of ThinkGeek that you can explore:-

1. ParamountZone

There is a reason we’re putting ParamountZone on the first spot in the list. It is widely known to be one such alternative of ThinkGeek that produces the newly released latest quirky, funky gadgets and toys. It has an eye-catching design that’d propel anyone to want to buy something from here.

The design has a touch of the latest robotics and tech-savy theme. There are specific categories mentioned on the home page of the site itself like – “Shop Toy By ”, “Home & garden” “Sports & Outdoor”, and one category is specifically dedicated to spare parts.


2. Wish

Wish is another site that’s synonymous with ThinkGeek because of its collection of cool, savage tech stuff and accessories. You’ll initially show a login window on the homepage of the website through which you can log in and start buying things.

The interface is lucrative as it shows you the store item in moving motion. The site’s product base alone will leave you surprised as it’s home to more than 100 million high-quality products that are available at cost-effective prices.

One fine advantage that this site has on its part is that it functions as the platform to provide space to buyers and manufacturers without any middleman in between and hence that lets buyers buy high standard products at minimal and reasonable prices.


3. This Is Why I’m Broke

This is yet another name on the list. As weird as it may sound, it has its owns cool product collection which you’d certainly want to explore. The special thing about this site is that it provides offers on daily basis. So there is no day when you are not getting something!


4. Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth is most suited to buy products related to the theme of movies. It has an elegant theme on the homepage and a cute representation of toys along with their price tag. To its advantage, The website is robust and currently wholesales more than 15000 licensed products.

5. FireBox

If you have a wild and fantasizing imagination and a passion for kinky stuff then damn you can’t afford to miss the site! Two college friends in 1998 somehow randomly got this weird idea and they ended up making this website. And now it has a loyal fan following in millions. you might as well want to try it.

6. SharperImage

SharperImage is again a worthwhile alternative to ThinkGeek that was launched in 1977 and got relaunched again in 2010 after 33 years. The products available on this site are predominantly targeted towards the lifestyle niche.

Besides that, there are clean and neat videos available here for information purposes with regards to order tracking, products, customer reviews, and user-friendly customer care. You can buy home electronics, air purifiers, gifts, and other high-tech lifestyle products from here.

7. Gadgets and Gears

This is one such alternative of ThinkGeek which is mostly focused on Cameras, surveillance equipment, nanny cams, and security cameras. It has a very simple near design and interface that allows you to have a clear and easy view of the gadgets and their prices.

8. Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is a platform for those who are into pop culture items. It was started in the ’70s four decades ago! Can you believe that? And it has survived the test of time ever since. Even in today’s time, it has a lot to offer that overshadows the other stuff available elsewhere. Monster series and Frankenstein fans are surely going to like it.

9. Jinx

Jinx is one of those sites that has got immense success lately. It was started in a bedroom and now it’s being cited as a company that’s an alternative to ThinkGeek.

It offers you T-shirts, Games, Geek themes, Video games, apparel items, toys, action stuff, models, posters, stickers. Jinx holds a really good trust score and it maintains the top-notch quality of products.

10. Dude I Want That

This is the last mention in our list but not least by any means. As quirky as its name is, the stuff that the site sells is even quirkier and peculiar. It also lists blog posts containing information about some of the most amazing stuff out there and facts related to them.

The products here match the level of your nerdy imagination. You should be able to find the latest Gadgets and Gear, fresh products, unique gift ideas.

Top 15 Sites Like ThinkGeek for Online Geek Shopping

Besides these websites, there are also these other websites that you can try as an alternative to ThinkGeek-

  1. ParamountZone
  2. Wish
  3. This Is Why I’m Broke
  4. Entertainment Earth
  5. FireBox
  6. SharperImage
  7. Gadgets and Gears
  8. Archie McPhee
  9. Jinx
  10. Dude I Want That
  11. Scientific Online
  12. NeatoShop
  13. DealeXtreme
  14. Cool Things
  15. LootCrate


So there you are! We’ve mentioned some of the most interesting and exciting websites for you to go and visit and shop. They’ll take you to the adventure of exploring the hidden aspect of things that’s the bonus of technology. So stop waiting and start exploring. If you have a question or query about it, do let us know in the comment section.

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