Fixed: Stop Code Memory Management Error

Blue is a very pleasant color to see except when it appears on your Windows PC. It’s worse when it comes to a Blue Screen Of Death but never worry we are here to help with it. Through this article, you can learn how to fix the Stop Code Memory Management Error on your PC. Just like in human beings how memory is one of the most important things in survival, it is the same with computers.

Memory management is the primary thing that is affected due to which such Blue Screen of Death occurs. To know how to fix a problem, the first thing one does is, understand the problem. We shall easily do the same by splitting the terms- “Stop code” and “Memory Management”.

What is Stop Code?

It can be simply understood as a code that runs to identify a very specific threat or error of a PC. It checks the bugs in your PC and displays a certain number that is the special identification for Blue Screen Of Death errors. When the problem is with your RAM or the device driver, the stop code is run to troubleshoot the problems. Synonymous to stop code are Blue screen error codes, WHEA errors, etc.

What do you see when the stop code runs?

The higher and updated versions of Windows such as Windows 10 are built for stability. Hence this problem is faced only rarely by users but if you are facing the same, read on.

What is Memory Management?

In layman’s terms, Memory management can be understood as an efficient allocation system in a computer. Just like how in an organization, jobs are allocated to staff members according to their skills. It keeps track of the memory of the PC and the memory location and ensures there is free space available.

It also manages how programs and data are stored in memory, and how they are retrieved and executed. Memory management is a crucial part of the operating system and is responsible for the smooth functioning of the computer. It ensures that programs and data are stored in the most efficient way, and that the computer’s resources are used efficiently. Memory management also includes managing virtual memory, which allows the computer to use hard disk space as an extension of RAM. This means that when the computer runs out of physical memory, it can use virtual memory to store data and continue running smoothly.

Why Does the Stop Code Memory Management Error Occur?

Now that we know what the terms mean we can better understand why the stop code memory management error occurs. Here are some reasons why this very error occurs on your PC.

  • Memory failure– Just like how your memory just fails to function when you are presenting an important presentation, similarly your PC memory may fail. When the memory is highly utilized, the system fails to perform optimally which leads to memory failure.
  • Driver issue– This occurs when the driver of the PC is not installed correctly or when it fails to load. This affects the peripherals and graphics card of the system.
  • Software conflicts– When two individuals or multiple parties disagree on a certain issue, conflicts occur. Similarly, in the case of a PC, the software it runs on creates conflicts when multiple programs run. This happens only for certain programs and not all.

How to Fix Stop Code Memory Management Error?

Here are some easy ways to fix this issue.

1. Restart your PC

This is a foolproof method of any problem that occurs. Usually, the bugs that cause the trouble tends to rid themselves during this process. The restarting method always works whether it be a PC or Android. If your Trouble is still not solved, continue reading further.

2. Update to Windows 10

Out of all the updates that Microsoft has done, by far the best one is Windows 10. Follow the steps to check if your PC is running in the latest version.

  • Windows key + I or open settings.
  • Go to “Update and security”.
  • Under the Windows update area check for any new updates.
  • Save all the files and update to the latest version of Windows.


This Windows tool uses internal means such as verifying details with the filing system. Follow the given steps to run the same.

  • Windows key+ X
  • Command Prompt (Admin)
  • When the window opens, enter “chkdsk/r”
  • This is an automatic method that checks for any errors and sets them right.

4. Update your Driver

Ensure the driver currently installed in your system is up to date.

  • Windows+ I (Open settings)
  • Under “Update and security”, “View Update history”
  • Now, under “Device manager” check if there are any errors
  • If there aren’t any errors Drive is not the issue.

5. Replace System Disk

Okay now, this is the very last solution that we can recommend you if you still receive the stop code memory management error after following every solution that we’ve mentioned above. There may be a fault with your system drive. 

Using MiniTool Partition Wizard for migrating the system disk and reinstalling the Windows 10 might do the job, here’s how the process goes:

  • First of all, get a new hard disk for your PC and connect the disk to your computer. Now, download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard and, after its successful installation, run the program on your PC.
  • Click on Migrate OS to SSD/HD Wizard option available on the left side menu.
  • Now, select the new system disk as your target disk and then, confirm the option. You will get a notice just read it and select “Apply”.


As we reached the end of the article, it is hoped you are well aware of how to fix stop code memory management errors on your Windows device. Keeping understandability as the priority, we have curated this article with the meaning of the terms so it does not become confusing for beginners.

We have added all the necessary steps in solving the problem along with relevant pictures. If you face any troubles whilst fixing your troubles, feel free to use the comment box to elaborate. In case any new methods are not mentioned up here that you feel are valuable, do use the comment box. Good luck in fixing the BSOD error!

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