How to Get Snapchat Streak Back in 2023?

In this post, we are going to share some tricks to get the Snapchat streak back easily. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media apps which connects millions & billions of people worldwide. Every app has some unique sort of features that makes them interesting & engaging. In Snapchat, there is a feature of streak formation in which when you regularly send snaps to your friends on a daily basis then, the streak is started. You will see a flame symbol next to your friend’s name in the Snapchat app. Also, next to this flame sign, you will see a number that represents your streak number.

In the social world, a streak is seen as a sign of closeness with friends; the higher the streak, the more close you are as friends. That’s why people started sending regular snaps daily & posting screenshots after reaching the milestone of 100’s or 1000’s of the streak.

how to get snapchat lost streak

But the main problem is that even if you forget to send the snap on a single day, then you are going to lose your hard-earned streak. The streak will break & the value near the flames becomes zero. This incident is really heartbreaking moment! Now you guys are wondering if there is any trick to get the Snapchat streak back? Yes, there are a few working methods that will help you to get Snapchat streaks back in 2023.

How to Get Snapchat Streak Back?

To be frank, here, there is only a single working method using which we can get our lost Snapchat streak back. There are various websites that make fake claims that there are various methods to get Snapchat’s streak back.

We have shared the genuine method in the next section of this post. Follow the below-mentioned steps & enjoy:-

  • First of all, open the Snapchat app on your device.
  • Next, click on your profile picture on the top left corner of your screen.
  • It will open your complete profile dashboard.
  • Now click on the setting option there available in the top right corner.
  • Scroll down the setting page & look for the I Need Help option there.
  • Next, tap the Contact Us button.
  • From various options, choose the 3rd option, i.e., My Snapchat Streak disappeared.

Snapchat support form

  • Now, It will prompt you to fill in all your personal account details like username, email, mobile number, friend’s details, etc.

Snapchat streak lost request form

  • Before pressing the Submit button, make sure to recheck all the information twice.
  • That’s all; Your part is done!
  • After submitting the form, you will see a message like, ” We will review your request & get back to you within 2-3 days.
  • If everything goes well, then the Snapchat team will contact you via your mail & resolve your streak issues for sure.
  • Cross your fringer & hope for the best!

1. Points To Remember

  • Snapchat will not tolerate any kind of mischievous activity if found in your account.
  • In most cases, the Snapchat streak lost request is only fulfilled when there is a fault from the Snapchat app itself.
  • There is no guarantee that Snapchat will surely approve your request.
  • While filling out the lost streak form, make sure to enter all the correct details.

Now you are already aware of the method of getting the lost streak on Snapchat. But we suggest you be more careful while using this app if you are really concerned about the streak and all. That’s why we have decided to share a few of the rules which you need to follow if you want to make a long streak with your friends & loved ones.

Snapchat has clearly stated streak-making laws in their T&C. We have summed up a few of the main points here in the next para for all of you guys.

2. Rules to Maintain Long Streak in Snapchat

Here are some rules that you should remember.

  • You have to send snaps daily to your friends to whom you want to make a streak.
  • In 24 hours, You need to exchange snaps with your friend. When you send a streak to your friend, your friends also need to send snap, then only one streak is made.
  • Even if you forget to send a snap a single day, then you will definitely be going to lose your streak & then you have to start again from 0.
  • If your friends forget to send a snap a single day, then you both are going to lose the streak.

It’s not that easy task to make the streak. You have to be more focused and give time to Snapchat if you are really willing to make a long streak connection with your friends. If you forget to send a snap even a single day then you are definitely going to lose all your hard-earned streak.

Frequently Asked Questions by Users

FAQ related to Snapchat Streak

Final Words

Snapchat is one of the best apps with very high engagement. It has amazing features like streaks, filters, faces, etc. because of which it has gained a lot of popularity. However, Making long streaks with friends is not that much easy. You have to be very consistent and send snaps daily to continue the streak. Somehow if you lose your streak, then we suggest you follow this guide on how to get a Snapchat streak back in 2023.

Hope you guys liked this post. If this method works for you, don’t forget to share this post with your friends & loved ones. Till then, keep visiting us for more such informative posts. Thanks for reading 🙂

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