10 Sites Like Liveleak for Shocking and Viral Videos

How many times have you stumbled across YouTube to find a video that has gone viral? You would probably say that you have done it several times. It is true for most internet users. It happens a lot that some video is doing rounds over the internet on a certain platform. But later on, when you want to view it, it is gone from there. So, what do you do in such a case? That is where the sites like Liveleak come into the picture. They help you share viral videos just like you share all the other videos on YouTube. So, in this post, we shall discuss such sites and how you can use them. But before we begin, we shall take a brief look at what Liveleak is and what it does.

What is Liveleak?

Before we start the discussion about Liveleak, we must note that Liveleak is now shut down permanently. That’s the precise reason why we are now discussing the top 10 sites like Liveleak here. Liveleak was a website that was used to share videos that have gone viral for one or the other reason. Also, it had come into prominence after the video of the execution of Saddam Hussain and the bombings of Afghanistan.

It had several million views per day and was the most prominent video sharing and viewing site. However, following some major back-to-back controversies, the London-based website had to shut down. But does not stop the internet community from viewing viral videos. So, we will tell you about some more platforms where you can do the same thing as you would have done on Liveleak.

10 Best Sites Like Liveleak in 2023

In this particular section of this post, we shall discuss the top 10 sites like Liveleak. These will be not sites per se but platforms you can use to watch the viral videos. For the ease of our readers, we have also provided the link to the websites they may use to visit the platforms instantly. Check out these platforms and let us know which one are you most likely to recommend to your friends using the comments section.

1. Cinematic

Cinema is a website that focuses on videos related to the Asia-Pacific region. That is, the Area between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, which holds more than half of the world’s total population. Also, this website has several features that allow you to filter out the videos you are likely to watch.

For example, using the sub menus in the left-hand panel of the website makes it very easy to navigate through the different sections. You get an option to watch the videos based on their categories, countries, time of upload, and many other options. So, it is a quite interactive platform where you can watch viral videos.

2. eBaum’s world

The eBaum’s world is another popular video watching platform that you can certainly count on sites like Liveleak. On this website, you get an option of not only viewing but also commenting on the videos. You can filter the videos using the options provided but this is not the USP of this platform.

The platform has a unique feature of applying multiple filters at once, as is the case in prominent platforms such as YouTube. Another feature that makes this platform worth being on this list is that the videos are rated in real-time. So, you can get an idea as to which video you should or should not click.

3. ItemFix

ItemFix is probably the best website that could feature in a post that talks about top 10 sites like Liveleak. The reason is that ItemFix is now the domain owner that Liveleak once used. This platform has a unique search feature that is available on very few such sites. This platform also provides the crucial details of the videos uploaded and also makes sure that the clips are not doctored.

ItemFix calls itself a social video factory and hosts videos of a wide range of categories that you can browse or search for. With an interactive user interface and a popular user base, this site could become like Liveleak by stature in the months to come.

4. Viral mix

The name viral mix in itself gives you clear signs of what is the type of content that you will see here. But a more fascinating part about the viral mix is that it is free on YouTube. This is the first YouTube channel we have featured on this list of sites like Liveleak. The reason why we have done this is that the viral videos that these channel posts are from around the world.

One video might be from the Gulf region, and the next post you would see from down south. This channel provides a huge diversity to the audience it caters to, and that too for no cost. To date, this channel has posted over 50 viral videos, and all of them are worth watching. You should definitely visit this channel if you are looking for an alternative to Liveleak.

5. Mega Fails

This is another YouTube Channel on our list which has some of the best compilations of fails. If you are a fan of comedy videos which often are the failure of a setup, you will certainly find the videos on this channel worth your time. Also, this channel is very active and combines several viral clips into one to post an engaging video.

Thus, when you watch a video, you get a package of like content, which takes the experience to another level. If you want to watch such videos, you must subscribe to this channel on YouTube, which is free.

6. FailArmy

The third and the best YouTube channel on our list of sites like Liveleak is FailArmy. With more than 3 million subscribers, this YouTube channel has more or less replicated Liveleak. It has a huge audience and is a hyperactive channel with at least 3 video compilations per week.

The videos this channel posts are picked up from various clips over the internet before being compiled into a single video. We assess that most of the people who have watched the videos from FailArmy have subscribed to its channel out of their free will. So you, too, must watch these videos and decide for yourself if this channel is Like Liveleak.

7. PopScreen

We are sure you would have checked the YouTube channels in this post. But have you wondered if there is a platform where all you get is only viral videos? If yes, then PopScreen is your most appropriate answer. It is because PopScreen is a website where you can create your account and post-viral videos as you do on YouTube. So, it is a very well-known place on the internet among the community of viral video lovers.

The site has a very simple interface, and you can filter out the trending content based on the time since it has been trending. You can even search for a particular video and even bookmark several others if you have an account with PopScreen. So, it is a site you should visit if you are passionate about viral videos.

8. 9GAG

You would surely like 9GAG if you are looking for sites like Liveleak because 9GAG does a lot more than what Liveleak used to do. On 9GAG, you can watch viral videos of all kinds, and they could be fails, music, or any other type of videos that have gone viral. There is an option to filter out the videos altogether based on your country and location.

The website also classifies viral videos into several categories such as funny, animals, gaming, savage, NSFW, etc. You can either choose one category or multiple ones to make sure that the search results suit your interests. Also, if you want to bookmark the videos, save them on your device or even get new videos, you can Sign Up and become a part of the 9GAG community for free.

9. Veoh

This website has a huge collection of videos and most of them are well received by the audience. But why does it feature on this list which discusses sites like Liveleak? the answer is because it is quite similar to Liveleak. While it has a section for viral videos, this site has an option to listen to music and also watch movies that are a big hit.

If you want a platform where you can get anything viral, not just videos, Veoh is the best platform for you. The movies and music are further categorized into several smaller ones. You can easily navigate through them once you sign up for Veoh which is free of cost.

10. DTube

DTube is more or less a replica of YouTube, as is evident from the name. However, when you visit the website of DTube, you will realize that while YouTube has all sorts of videos, DTube has only trending videos from several creators. But this is not the only feature that makes DTube different from YouTube. On DTube, you won’t see views against the videos as it happens on Youtube.

Instead, you see how much a video is rewarded in cryptocurrency. So, you are more likely to come across the more trending videos as the video that goes trending gets more rewards. In all other aspects, DTube is a very similar platform to YouTube, except that it is a decentralized platform. So, you must sign up for DTube at this moment and get those rewards if you are a viral video creator.

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This was all about the different sites like Liveleak. We have provided the most authentic platforms in this post and have taken great care to mention only those sites which serve the purpose. The irrelevant platforms have been done away with, and if you find any platform that we could mention here, please feel free to let us know. The comments section is open as always, and we would appreciate your feedback. Until then, enjoy the viral videos and keep yourself entertained.

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