15 Sites Like Humble Bundle You Should Explore

Since 2010, Humble Bundle has created a path for indie developers to get a platform for their projects and voices. Sites like Humble Bundle have always been creating bridges between indie video games and consumers. So, If you’re a gaming fan, then you may know how costly it’s to make a library of your favorite games.

Humble Bundle can help its gamers to get amazing gaming deals from a large collection of games. From major AAA titles like Monster Hunter: World to indie gems, like Fall Guys, Humble Bundle offers a comprehensive library. It features games that support Windows PCs, macOS, and Linux.

In this post, we will share the 15 best sites like Humble Bundle, so we advise you to read this post till the end.

Best Sites Like Humble Bundle 2023

Recently, Humble Bundle added Nintendo Switch games to its catalog, further expanding its library. As a customer, you’re even allowed to line your price for the bundles you would like to shop for.

Humble Bundle’s popularity grew because of its consistent support to different charities and sharing profits with developers. However, if any user wants an alternative for the humble bundle then we can suggest you some alternatives:

1. Fanatical

Fanatical: Sites like Humble Bundle

Founded within the UK in 2012, Fanatical is a web retailer for video games. The location is straightforward to navigate, and you may find titles categorized by top sellers, latest deals, and so on. Under the Top Sellers category, games are subcategorized into multi-games. Any user can also browse through titles by genre, publisher, and OS.

Apart from gaming deals, this site also offers software bundles and eBooks for coding and programming courses, a number of them free. With over 60,000 reviews from Trustpilot, quite 6,000 games to settle on, and over 1,000 publishers, any user can bound to find something interesting here.

2. Epic Bundle

Epic bundle

Epic Bundle is another good option if any user is looking for sites like Humble Bundle. It offers different categories of gaming deals, software bundles, and e-Book bundles.

There’s a bundle countdown page where users will be able to catch various excellent offers before they end. Users can also get their interest to try, a number of the free games offered on this site.

3. Groupees


Groupees works like Humble Bundle and even support charities. Users are given the choice to settle on whether to support a charity before proceeding to buy a game. Their positioning also offers music, e-Book, and comic bundles.

Like Epic Bundles, each bundle gets a countdown and therefore any user will be able to spend a minimum amount on games, music, or comic bundles.

Upon registration, Users can start chatting with the Groupees community, add posts to their profile wall, and participate in publicly trading, among other cool things.

4. IndieGala


IndieGala can be a computer game website that operates more like Humble Bundle. Users can set the revenue split that they simply want to travel to charities, developers, and site owners. This site very much focuses on supporting small developers and indie studios. Generally, the bundles on this site are low priced, and any user can get six games at 95% off.

IndieGala also offers giveaways very often, and users might have to visit the site daily to check if they may find something that catches their eye.

5. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

When any user is looking for sites like Humble Bundle, Green Man Gaming is their most prevalent choice. From the sleek website design to how the games are categorized, it makes game selection easy. However, instead of offering gaming bundles, they sell individual games at unbelievably discounted prices.

Any user can quickly view and choose indie games, action, and RPG games, Ubisoft sales, new games, and top searches. They can also see what the gaming community is discussing by visiting the Forum page.

6. IsThereAnyDeal

Is There Any Deal

IsThereAnyDeal operates differently from other alternative sites of Humble Bundle, it compares game bundles from different sellers starting from Amazon to other smaller sellers. Users can also take a look at offers from major AAA studio games or small developers of indie games.

The best part about this site is that you just can quickly learn whenever there’s a purchase on games from other websites. You’ll be able to see all the main points like whether it’s a bundle (and the number of games within the bundle) or a giveaway. You’ll also see the number of days or hours left until the offer ends, and also the best deals on major titles.

7. Good Old Games(GOG)

Good Old Games (GOG)

Good Old Games, aka GOG, isn’t like platforms that sell game keys for other platforms. Instead, this site offers its products within the sort of DLC-free downloadable installers. From top AAAs to unique indie games to classics, Users can find any game.

You can select from a range of genres, like action, adventure, shooters, strategy, sports, and racing. If any user doesn’t have a game in mind, they can also try what’s listed on the various sections like new releases, bestsellers, and games that are on sale.

Apart from games, GOG also sells other forms of media associated with gaming, like DRM-free movies and other gaming-related videos. GOG takes pride in selling legitimate games, ensuring that creators earn what’s rightfully theirs.

8. GamersGate


GamersGate is another excellent alternative to Humble Bundle, where users can buy cheap games and Steam keys. It mainly focuses on individual games instead of bundles, and you’ll be able to find both old and new games. It’s an enormous catalog of over 6,000 games, supplying you with plenty of choices when buying a game. 

The best part about GamersGate is that the platform is client-free, which suggests that you don’t have to install any third-party software. Users can even earn Blue Coins whenever they create purchases, write reviews, and rank games.

9. Itch.io


If you’re an admirer of indie games, then Iitch.io is the go-to site. Users may find well-made indie titles and other game assets. Itch.io seems to mainly target small indie game developers, and it is also a platform that enables any user to host and share games online.

Game developers can upload games and judge to check their worth. On the opposite hand, they can also let users decide the price of any game.

10. Bunch Keys

bunch keys

If you’re searching for unbeatable offers of dozens of Steam games, then Bunch Keys may be a worthy Humble Bundle alternative. They need regular giveaways where users can win free Steam keys and other game-related products.

Their prices are competitive, and it can rise to 50 games for just $1.49, with a normal value of $52. Discounted bundles are offered each week, so make certain to prevent by the location regularly to test what’s new.

15 Humble Bundle Alternatives to Buy Games for Cheap

Here is the list of the 15 best sites you might explore if you’re a fan of the Humble Bundle.

  1. Fanatical
  2. Epic Bundle
  3. Groups
  4. IndieGala
  5. Green Man Gaming
  6. IsThereAnyDeal
  7. GOG
  8. GamersGate
  9.  Iitch.io
  10. Bunch Keys
  11. Story Bundle
  12. uCrate.io
  13. GameThrill.io
  14. Lazy Guys Studio
  15. Bundle in a Box

Final Take

In this article, we saw various alternative sites like humble bundle which offer the same gaming services and provide our gaming fans with an unlimited range of entertainment. We hope that you would consider these alternatives. Also, share your opinions and experiences on these alternatives.

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