How to Share Screen on Facetime?

In today’s post, we will share some simple steps to Share Screen on Facetime. Most of us are familiar with the rapid arrival of new technologies. It must then be pretty obvious that Facetime is only for Apple users. The fun part is that it is available on all Apple devices such as Macbook, iPad, iPhone. With the sudden influence of the pandemic on all aspects of life, the technological world has also seen a lot of news and uses. Everything is now shifting to online portals such as schools, corporates, etc. This has forced updates on part of applications such as Zoom, google meet, etc.

While those updates were going on, Apple decided it would also form part of the bandwagon and update Facetime as well. The new iOS update has catered to the needs of meeting and is extremely user-friendly. It offers users the feature of watching movies together, calling their android counterparts, and even sharing screens! If you want to learn more about the same, continue reading the article.

What is Screensharing?

If you’re new to the field of meetings, you might be unfamiliar with the idea of sharing screens. But that’s alright we’re here to help you out. Sharing a screen simply means allowing other individuals in the meeting to view your screen and observe your activities as you’re performing them.

This is an extremely helpful tool during meetings with your boss, teacher, etc. as it flawlessly conveys information. With virtual meetings all the rage in the current world, this is one of the most time-saving approaches to sharing content. Additionally, screensharing can also be used to collaborate on a project, share documents, or demonstrate a specific software or application.

To whom Can I Screen Share?

If you have too many friends or colleagues who are part of the Android family and you’re afraid if they cannot be a part of this feature, fret not. The android and Windows counterparts can receive the invite to join the facetime meeting however, their actions are limited to that.

They cannot screen share themselves while on a facetime call, so it is advised that it is limitedly used if the other parties have content to share. This is the only limitation of the current iOS 15 update, however, it is speculated that Apple could come up with better updates of the same OS. It is only a matter of time, so one must be patient and wait.

How to Share Screen on Facetime?

We have now reached the crux of the article. That is, how to share your screen with the other parties on the call. We have elaborated the steps for doing the same below.

Step 1. Open Facetime on your Apple device

Step 2. Click on “Create link”

Once you tap on “Create link”, to share this meeting link with your desired participants, click on the “i” on the right side of the “Facetime link”. You will be given an option to share the link through various other media.

Step 3. Tap on the Screenshare button

The screen share option is the icon with a person who is shown with rings around them. It forms part of the control panel that has been newly updated.

Step 4. Sharing screen

Once you click on the screen share button, the screen sharing will begin in a few seconds. Then you can go to the application that you desire to share and choose to share the screen.

Step 5. Enjoy!

It’s as simple as that, once you’ve started screen sharing, there is nothing to stop you. Enjoy your session with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Screen Sharing on other Apple devices

The above-mentioned method is the way to screen share on your iPhone or iPad device. If you want to screen share on any of your other apple devices such as Macbook, there is a slightly different method to do it which is equally simple. You will simply have to open the messages application which is preinstalled on the Macbook.

On opening it, you will have to choose the contact you want to facetime and share the screen. By doing that you will get the option to share the screen on the small icon on the top right corner. After which you can enjoy your shared screen with your friends, family, or colleagues.

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As we reach the end of the article, it is hoped that you have understood the technicalities. Which is on how to share your screen while on facetime. iOS 15 is one of the newest releases of the software and there are still many more changes and updates yet to be made. Apple users and Android users are advised to keep their excitement intact as Apple has many more tricks up its sleeve.

Which they are yet to release. If there are any other hacks or methods that you are familiar with and are not mentioned in the article, do put them in the comment box below! And if you face any issues while using any of the steps given above do mention it in the comment box below! Happy Facetiming and don’t forget to screen share!

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