Steps to Recover Deleted Instagram Messages: 2023

It’s very common to lose or delete your Instagram chats unintentionally. But the question that arises in such a situation is whether there is any way to recover all those deleted Instagram messages? So, if you are among those who are having the same question, this post is specially written for you. In this post, we will talk about, How to recover deleted Instagram messages just by following some simple steps. 

We covered the only working methods available in 2023. There are no different ways or tricks to recover deleted messages apart from what we mentioned in this article.

How To Recover Deleted Instagram Messages? 

During this lockdown phase, social media platforms like Instagram have helped us a lot in killing our free time. Despite Facebook being the most popular and used social media platform, Instagram has also started to gain popularity nowadays. The features that we get on Instagram are almost the same as Facebook that includes sending messages, media files, photos, stories, and more. 

So, It wouldn’t be wrong to say that we are so much dependent on these social media platforms like Instagram to share our important messages with our friends. But what will happen if you unintentionally delete these important messages? In such situations, you will start Googling questions like, ” How to recover deleted Instagram messages”? So, to ease your problem we are going to explain how you can easily recover all the deleted Instagram messages. 

1. Recover From Instagram Data

The first method that you can use in recovering your deleted Instagram messages is through Instagram stock data. All those messages that you have deleted intentionally or unintentionally get stored in the Instagram database server. And you can easily access the server using a very interesting feature provided by Instagram called, ” Share Data”. This feature will help you to recover not only your text messages but also any media file or images that you have shared with your friend. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to use this method.

  • Go to any web browser you like on your mobile. We will recommend Google Chrome. 
  • Now visit the official page of Instagram. Please don’t use the Instagram app to visit the official Instagram page. 
  • Click on the profile icon present at the top-right corner, and after that click on Settings.
  • Now press the Privacy and Security option.

  • Now you will have to click on “Request Download”.

  • For downloading your data you will have to enter your email ID and password. This step is necessary to confirm that it’s you who is trying to gather all this information, not a robot or any unknown identity. 

  • Once you are done with confirming your Identity by enter your Email and password. You will have to again click on Request Download. 

  • You will receive a mail by Instagram with the title,” Your Instagram Data”. The file will be of “zip” type. Therefore, you will have to extract it. There also might be a possibility that you will not receive the mail instantly. But Instagram will surely send the mail within 24 hours. 
  • Once you are done with the extraction process, open that extracted file and look for “messages.json”. Open that file using a text editor such as Notepad.

  • Now on the screen, you will have a list of all the messages that you have sent or received from the time you have created your Instagram.

2. By Using Connected Facebook Account

If you are an active Instagram user then you must have connected your Facebook account with your Instagram account. If you have, then it will become very easy for you to recover your deleted Instagram messages. Just follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to use this method.

Note: For this method to work properly you must visit the Facebook official page using a browser, rather than a Facebook official app or Facebook lite. 

  • Open your web browser, we recommend Google Chrome, and go to the official web page of Facebook.
  • Now enter your email id and password to login into your Facebook account.
  • Go to your Facebook messages or Inbox.
  • Finally, click on “Instagram Direct”.

Instagram Direct features contain all the messages that you have deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

3. Recover Instagram Messages Using Third-Party Apps

There are hundreds of recovery tools available on the market that will help you recover deleted messages not only on Instagram but on any other social media platform. All you need to do is, just Google search, “How to recover deleted Instagram messages using third-party tools”. But wait, you don’t even need to Google search it, as we are going to mention tools that will help you to recover Instagram messages on both Android and IOS devices. 

According to us, U.Fone is presently the best recovery software available for your iOS device. The best part is that this tool is compatible with your Mac as well as Windows computers. It will not only help you to recover your deleted Instagram messages, but also delete photos, software, media files, contacts, and anything else that you have deleted unintentionally from your iOS device. 

The features of Fonelab are almost the same as U.Fone. Just like U.Fone, you can use Fonelab on both Windows and Mac computers. This app also allows you to recover Instagram messages along with any other thing like your photos, videos, audio files, WhatsApp messages, call records, or anything else that you have deleted unintentionally from your Android device. 

4. Take Help From Your Friend

The easiest way to recover your deleted messages is by requesting the sender to resend that particular message you want. You can also ask him or her to take a screenshot of that particular chat that you want on his mobile and send you that screenshot. 

The only situation in which this trick is not going to work for you is when you are searching for anything against the sender itself. In this situation, you can take help from the above-mentioned methods. 

Instagram Message Recovery Tools and Scams

Whenever you try to Google questions like, “How to recover deleted Instagram messages?” The first thing that you will get as a result will be a list of Instagram deleted message recovery tools that will claim that they can easily recover all your deleted messages. But the majority of these tools are fake and scams.

Firstly, they will ask you to enter some personal information to confirm that you are a real human being, not a robot trying to enter their database. Once you have entered your personal information like username and password, then they will sell all this information to a hacker. So, it’s a serious request from all internet users to never fall for the claims of such instant message recovery tools as they all are fake. 

Final Words

These were some of the best methods using which you can recover your deleted Instagram messages. If you are aware of any other working methods please let us know in the comments section down below. You can also use the comment section for sharing your feedback or doubt regarding this post. 

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