How To Recover Deleted Call Logs? [iOS and Android]

It is assumed you have come here after disastrously deleting some important call logs from your phone. Never to worry, we are always here to back you up and on further reading the article, you can understand how to recover your deleted call logs. Don’t you hate it when you delete or throw away something you consider as junk and then that happened to be some hidden treasure you never know you needed all along? If the treasured item is a call log you never need to fear. Through the easiest of methods, we shall understand how to retrieve those precious call logs.

You might be wondering if you can actually recover deleted call logs and to understand that, there are some basics about call logs one must understand.

How Does Your Call Log Get Lost?

It is always important to learn your mistakes thoroughly so the same is not repeated ever. Hence let us understand the reasons as to why and how your call log is ever lost. Few common reasons why call logs from your phone may disappear or get lost are stated below, make sure you read them in detail so it does not occur to you again.

  1. Your phone must be broken
  2. A virus attack might have caused you to delete the call logs or it might have been accidentally removed in the process of eliminating the virus.
  3. Mobile numbers on your phone may have been deleted before you were able to save them.
  4. It might not be your habit to save phone numbers onto your device.
  5. Your operating system is updated to a new or later version.

Once you understand the reasons as to why the call log seems to disappear or get deleted from your device, we can move on to the important and most awaited part on how to recover the deleted call logs.

How To Recover Deleted Call Logs?

Given below are detailed steps on how to recover your deleted call logs onto your device. Do not panic wondering if the Operating System of your device is covered or not as we have described in detail the steps for both Android as well as iOS devices.

1. On Android

For the purpose of retrieving the call log information, it is important to download software that helps in recovering the data. A recommended software for the same is “Android data recovery” this application also assists in recovering photos and videos that have been deleted by the user. The build of the software supports data recovery from all android devices that are available.

The following steps need to be followed to recover your deleted call logs.

  1. Download the “Android data recovery” software onto your PC.
  2. Launch the application and connect your android device to the PC via a USB connection
  3. On the following screen appearing, one must choose the type of file to recover.
  4. The software will provide two options either to “Scan for deleted files” or “Scan for all files”. The second option will take longer for the software to process.
  5. Once the scan is completed, a preview option pops up which allows the user to preview the data that has been recovered and then restore the necessary data.

The application recommended here happens to be a paid option and is suggested to be used when the data must be recovered. If a paid software is not something you are on the look for, there are some free alternatives to the same that serve a similar purpose i.e. Call log monitor and Call history manager.

2. On iOS

If you are using an iOS operating device, the following steps will assist you in retrieving your deleted call logs. iTunes can be availed to help you recover the deleted call logs. For the purpose of retrieving the call log information, it is important to download software that helps in recovering the data. A recommended software for the same is “Phonerescue”.

On making a backup on iTunes it is easy to recover data from the same as it contains all the data you require to retrieve. The only con that this method possesses is that it does not allow backup reviewing. This means that one cannot know what exactly the backup includes.

A single or selective data type cannot be backed up through the iTunes data. PhoneRescue application helps to eliminate the troubles by allowing the user to prereview the data to be recovered. The following steps are suggested to help you retrieve your deleted call history.

  1. Download the Phonerescue software onto your PC.
  2. On opening the application, under the data recovery option, “Recover from back up” must be chosen to proceed.
  3. Under the backup option, choose the “Call log” option to recover the data from.
  4. The final step is to preview the data that you wish to retrieve and then transfer the same.



As we reach the end of the article, it is hoped that you have understood how to successfully recover deleted call logs from any device that you use whether it be iOS or Android. Of course, the best way is to not repeat the mistake of deleting them in the first place, but never to fear as we shall always be there to assist you in your troubled times.

If you are facing any issues while retrieving the deleted call history, kindly use the comment section below to inform us and we shall aid you in the best way possible. If there are any other methods that you recommend, please avail the use of the comment box to enlighten us. Enjoy your recovered data!

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