Paladins Codes: Complete List to Redeem in 2023

Today we will discuss what Paladins codes are and how to redeem them with different methods. Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a gaming experience thinking that if only I could just have this one more skill or feature, then I’d have nailed this game like no other? Ahh! Don’t worry; we’ve all been there. In the hustling and monotonous life of today’s time, if there is one branch of technology that still gives one that complete taste of thrill, it is definitely gaming.

With the enhancement in technology, more games are being produced that are equipped with highly advanced graphics and features designed to provide you with an almost real-life intense experience of playing the game.

Whether you are playing on an Xbox, a PlayStation, a Nintendo Switch, or a PC, a trick code or game hack is something you’d never get tired of wanting. One such aspect of gaming that can exponentially intensify your gaming experience is Paladins Codes. Once you have got your hands on Paladins codes, it lets you unlock the rewards and result in an exciting change of shift in your Paladins gaming experience.

Here we are going to tell you everything about the Paladins codes from scratch, including what exactly they are and how you can redeem and activate them. So let’s get started –

What Are Paladins Codes?

Paladins codes ought to be a treasure box for every Paladins game lover. It opens a great deal of opportunity for those who aspire to elevate their gaming experience to a completely next and thrilling level altogether.

Paladins Codes are promo codes developed by game developers for the game called “Paladins: Champions of the Realm” and are meant to reward a user. It’s a free, online-multiplayer, class-based first-person shooter video game developed by Evil Mojo Games.

The codes are compatible with almost every platform over which you can do gaming, including an Xbox, a PlayStation, a Nintendo Switch, or just your personal computer.

Paladins codes have been released in a rather large number in the last two years. All thanks to the exhilaratingly increasing number of gamers and growing popularity of the Paladins game.

Following the social media of the official Paladins game, it can also get you access to these codes. If you follow their YouTube channel, Twitter, Facebook, or Steam, you’d get Paladins code.

1. What Does Paladins Codes Reward?

The most important aspect that Paladins Codes adds to your gaming experience is the ability to customize your character according to your taste. It lets you choose its skin, radiant chests, and appearance that you can customize in its own unique way. There are several contests to choose from along with the ability to unlock champions, credits, booster packs, and weapons for absolutely free.

Radiant chests generally come for 2500 gold and provide four randomly chosen cards and cosmetic items. These cards can be used to enhance the features and skillset of your chosen Champions. On the other hand, Cosmetic items consist of a number of things, including Emotes, MVP, Common, and Uncommon cosmetics, poses, and Sprays.

If you were to open a radiant chest 8 times over, then consider yourself lucky. Once you get it 32 times, which is also equivalent to 8 non-boosted chest rolls, you are certain to get a Legendary card, and one of those codes will promisingly provide you a spectacular reward in the form of a free Infernal Series.

Free Active Paladin Codes 2023

Here is a list of Paladin codes that you can redeem, and they are unlikely to expire –

  1. APXRCRCBD47071212: A Radiant Chest Roll will be unlocked on entering this code.
  2. APXSFCAEB58D71212:  This code will get you an Infernal Seris.
  3. AZDRCXYYF67872018:  If you want a Unique Skin then this code is for you.
  4. WAXHZZDFF54672017: On more code to get you a Unique Skin.
  5. AZDRCRCFS42272018:  This one is also for Unique Skin.
  6. PBEB16F4B4EB60909: This will also present you with a Unique Skin.
  7. PBEB039513B260909: This code also will unlock Unique Skin for you.
  8. PCSY18FE15DEE60711: Use it to unlock Unique Skin.
  9. PBEB3DF4B4EB60909: Unlocks a Unique Skin.
  10. PCBC1E975BA7360719: Reveals a Unique Skin to you.
  11. PCNW3802C655360719- Use this code to get a Unique Appearance.
  12. PCNW3802C009060719- Use this code to get a Voice Pack.
  13. PCSY1304FFE0160719- Use this code to get a Unique Skin.
  14. PCNW34DF76B2160719- Use this code to get a Unique Skin.
  15. PCBC1E975BA7360719- Use this code to get a Voice Pack.

How To Redeem Paladins Codes?

There are 2 methods to redeem paladins code. You can either do so by visiting the official website of the game or by simply from the play store. Here are both the methods –

1. Redeem the codes from the website

Step 1: Just log in to the Paladins official website and move to the Store section. Or simply visit the Paladins store page as well.

Step 2: Look out for the Store option and click on it once you find it.

Step 2: Use your creds to log in to your account. Head to the Account tab.

Step 3: look for the option Redeem Code and select it.

Step – wait for the process to get completed.

2. Redeem the codes from inside the game

Step 1: Open the game using Playstation, Xbox, or PC. Depending upon where you play it.

Step 2: Visit the Store section and go to the last page called Store-Account.

Step 4: Redeem the code and Submit it in the field.

Your game will be rewarded based on the code entered, and you are good to go. Note here that you’d be able to use the code only once from an account.

How To Get Free Skills Using Social Media?

Besides using the Paladins code to unlock the skills, you can also make use of your social media to get some of the interesting skills for absolutely free. Here is how –

  1. Using Twitch – Did you know your favorite games streaming platform can also work for you as a free skill provider? Simply link it to your Paladins game and get a free Champion Ying skin.
  2. Using Facebook – Linking your Facebook account to Paladins will open the door for you to get free Jenos Resplendent skin. And if you sign in on Facebook and follow Paladins to get free Victor Weapon skin.
  3. Using Twitter – All you have to do is follow Paladins on Twitter to get free Victor Charcoal skin.
  4. Using Steam – Playing Paladins on Steam will unlock the Team Fortress 2 Barik skin.
  5. Using YouTube – Subscribe to Paladins on Youtube to get a free Onyx Stallion Mount.
  6. Using Hi-Rez – Link your Xbox Live account to your Hi-Rez account to get free X Androxus skin.
  7. Using Play Station Network – Link your PSN account to your Hi-Rez account to get free Stage 4 Androxus skin.
  8. Using Twitch Prime Free Trial – Sign up for Twitch Prime free trial and get free Battle Cat mount and Bomb King skin in Paladins.

These above-mentioned methods will get you certain codes you’ll have to redeem, just like Paladins codes. However, some features like skin would automatically come into effect.


Use these Paladins codes to bring more adventures to your Paladins gaming experience. These codes will help you unlock the potential of your champion over time. If you want to remain updated with the further upgrades of these codes, then keep visiting our site. Please let us know if there is any question, query, or suggestions.

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