7 Best Modded Kik for Free Download 2022

Most of us might be very familiar with the second half of the word that is, “Kik” which is a popular messenger or chatting application that people use to communicate through the internet. However many may be unfamiliar with what the “modded” is. It can be simply termed as the abbreviation of “Modified”. So put together, modded Kik in plain terms means “Modified Kik”.

The original Kik is still widely popular as it connects people all over the world. One can find friends and even love through this popular chatting application. However as it is with time how every application, website, and technology receives updates and new versions, Kik has birthed multiple modded versions of the same. Continue reading the article to identify and use the best-modded Kiks!

Top 7 Modded Kik 2022

We decided to save your browsing and screen time and bring you a list of the top modded kiks that have been tested for their working. Below are the Kiks for use.

1. Nullkik

If you still feel attached to the original Kik format, Nullkik is the perfect option for you. The background and the basic build of this program are very similar to the original Kik however, the color schemes, backgrounds, and formatting options have numerously improved. On taking reviews from the users of NullKik, it has been reported that this modded Kik does not contain any malware or viruses to be cautioned about.

2. Pikek

In terms of popularity, Pikek is one of the most trusted and used platforms apart from the original Kik. The background and formatting options are extremely malleable in this Kik. It has almost the same options and more in this version. The major plus point of this modded Kik version is the user interface customization and it is widely appreciated by its users.

3. Lynxkik

When one talks about kiks and its modded versions, it is almost impossible to not bring this one up. Lynx solely is known for its customization of popular applications. It stepped foot in the modification of kiks and is widely popular among Kik users as well as its android apk counterparts. The reason for its popularity is the addition of features from versions that existed before the latest one. This lures its users into using this Kik.

4. Ghostkik

One cannot forget the Ghostkik modded Kik as it is one of the most popular ones in use after the Pikek version. The version has a variety of customizable features that are highly appreciated by its users. Another major reason for its wide acceptance is the amount of data it uses which is very minimal.

Ghost Kik is certainly the right modded Kik for you if your device’s storage is lying on the death bed. However, there are multiple malware-filled versions of this which one has to be careful about.

5. Matrik 3

This modded Kik version has many features that allow one to stay almost invisible while chatting and this is highly indulged on by the users. Similar to whatsapp, it has the option to turn off the read receipts and it has an additional option to ensure the opposite party does not know if you are typing. Various other handy features are widely cherished by the users such as the range of emojis available for use as well as the false front camera in case you’re a camera-shy person.

6. Pikik 2

It seems too obvious to not point out that this is the updated and more efficient version of the original Pikik version. However, the indigenous updates that the creators have come up with are very much cherished by the users of thisKik.

The false camera front and the similar features of the Matrix 3 modded Kik is available in this modded Kik. Disabling read receipts and “Typing” options are enjoyed by the users. There is also an option to restrict a user from forwarding chats from one chat to another. Gone are the days where you can forward the chats from your crush to your best friend to analyze the same!

7. K8 kik

This Kik is highly popular amongst iOS users as it is specifically built for them. iOS users have certain restrictions when it comes to using the kiks and kiks in general as it is usually designed for android users. Hence instead of jailbreaking the iPhone, the problem has been solved by creating iOS modded kiks, K8 is one of them. They enjoy almost all the features of a regular modded Kik along with the additional “dark mode” feature which is highly enjoyed by its users.


As we reached the end of the article, it is hoped you are well aware of the various Kik alternatives available. Keeping understandability as the priority, we have curated this article with descriptions of each modded Kik so it is easy for you to make your choice.

We have added all the necessary links required as well as features. If you face any troubles whilst choosing your modded Kik, feel free to use the comment box to elaborate. Happy chatting!

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