Is Win32:Bogent Safe And How To Remove It?

If you are someone who doesn’t understand computers and technology well, then you’re not alone. Even if we begin to get to terms with an existing technological aspect, there is always something new to test us again. The virus, anti-virus software, the defender software are all too confusing for a newbie. So in this article, we’ll tell you all about win32:bogent and what exactly to do with it.

The first thing to do when you have a device is to protect yourself from potential viruses. We all know there are dubious sites on the internet that can harm our devices and we need to be wary of them. Having anti-virus software is really helpful in those situations because it’ll automatically flag suspicious sites. However, win32:bogent also gets flagged even though it isn’t exactly a threat. Keep reading to find out more about win32:bogent.

What is win32:bogent?

The win32:bogent error mostly appears on your screen when you try to download or update your Steam app for gaming. Usually, anti-virus software tends to flag win32:bogent as a malicious file and therefore removes or puts the said file in quarantine. However, in most cases, the win32:bogent error is actually quite harmless and does not do anything to your computer.

These files are also called ‘false-positive’ notices because your device is under no real threat with win32:bogent. On the other hand, since the anti-virus software in your device happened to flag the file, you might as well check it out to be safe than sorry in the long run.

Win32:BogEnt is a heuristic analysis tool included in certain popular antivirus suites that looks for anomalous behavior in specified files on the host system. Heuristic analysis is a type of expert analysis that analyses a system’s vulnerability to a specific danger. Heuristics are design standards that have been tried or observed over time and have been shown to be effective.

Is win32:bogent Safe?

If you’re not too tech-savvy and need help to figure out when win32:bogent is a real threat and when it is not, this trick might save you some time. When you download or update the Steam app, then if the win32:bogent message shows up, then it most likely is a false positive error.

How to Remove win32:bogent?

Let us now look at some ways to get rid of the win32:bogent error. As we have already seen, the win32:bogent message can be falsely positive or not. So we have multiple ways to get rid of the message in both cases.

1. Get a new Anti-Virus

If the win32:bogent error specifically shows when you update or download the Steam app then you need to understand that the error has something to do with your Anti-virus. To fix this, you can simply change your existing anti-virus with a new one. There are plenty of good Anti-viruses that can suit your specific needs and usage of the internet.

2. Update Your Third-Party Anti-Virus

Sometimes even though you have great anti-virus software, the win32:bogent error will still find its way to your device. In that case, you can try to see if your anti-virus software is updated or not. In case there are some updates pending then you know the reason why your anti-virus software was not performing to its full potential.

3. Scan PC with In-Built Security

Microsoft’s built-in “Windows Security” (or Windows Defender) detects and removes malware more quickly and effectively than third-party solutions. The application has improved its effectiveness and efficiency in eradicating primary types of dangerous software from Windows computers.

  1. The first step is to go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Security.
  2. Once Windows Security opens up, go to Virus & threat protection and select Scan options.
  3. Opt for the Full Scan option and let the full scan take place on your device.
  4. Keep in mind that the full scan takes a long time to finish when you have more data and files on your device. So do not add new files before finishing the scan.
  5. Once the online scan is over and the issue is still present on your device then choose the offline scan option. This doesn’t take as long as the full scan.
  6. Go to the Windows Security menu and select Microsoft Defender Offline scan, and click Scan Now.

4. Scan with Malwarebytes

If you scan with your anti-virus and turns out that win32:bogentĀ  is actually harmful, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible. If the virus is left unattended then it will multiply and increase the damage to your privacy and your device. Malwarebytes is a good anti-virus software that can easily fix the situation with the win32:bogentĀ  error.


Woohoo! You’ve reached the end of the win32:bogent article. We hope you can now easily identify a real threat and an empty threat every time win32:bogent pops up on your device. Make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned above to always be cautious with your files and personal data on the internet. Have a great day ahead!

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