Is AliExpress Safe and Legit To Use? [Complete Review]

Online shopping is all the rage now and the pandemic has only helped in raising its popularity. AliExpress garnered high attention from users due to its low prices, The recent surge in the popularity of online shopping is because most users have realized the convenience and the ease in the same. With the increasing demand, coders and business opportunists have taken it upon themselves to satisfy the users. Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, and Aliexpress are some highly popular online shopping platforms. Is AliExpress Safe? That is the question that must be buzzing in your mind now. It seems almost too good to be true so continue reading the article to answer your question that is, “Is AliExpress safe?”

The slashed prices on AliExpress attracted potential customers to buy the same. It is a popular online store founded way back in 2010 by the Alibaba group. The online marketplace is a platform for international buyers to come around and purchase items.

Third-party sellers in China come together to sell their products to customers. Just like any other shopping website, you need to sign up and create a profile. On doing the same, you shall be able to browse through the massive amounts of options available ranging from all sorts of items.

You can purchase the products by simply adding them to your cart and then buying them. Should you be trusting this website? Read on to find out.

Is AliExpress legit?

We know if a company is legit by knowing why exactly the costs are so low. Most of the items on AliExpress are quite cheap compared to the other websites. It is recommended not to purchase branded items on AliExpress as many counterfeit products have been found on the website.

Overall is AliExpress safe and legit? Yes, it provides great deals however, not all products are legit. Some sellers may trick you into paying for the item before buying it so it is recommended to be very careful before purchasing anything. But all in all, if you take the right precautions, AliExpress is a legit website you can shop from. AliExpress is a legitimate and safe website to shop from, but it’s important to do your research and be aware of the potential risks before making a purchase. With the right precautions and by following the above tips, you can have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience on AliExpress.

Is AliExpress Safe?

Now since we know the reason behind the low prices, it will be easier to understand the safety level. AliExpress is a safe platform to buy inexpensive products. As far as brands are concerned, it is not a safe marketplace to purchase the same from.

A large number of counterfeit products are generated. Since the prices are low, it must be expected to compromise on the quality of certain items. However, AliExpress is prepared to give a complete refund in case the products are damaged or in some cases where they don’t arrive at all!

Since buyer protection is available, it can be considered as a considerably safe website to shop from. However, if you want to purchase expensive products from the website ensure you take massive precautions and enable tracking.

Is AliExpress trusted?

Is AliExpress safe And Legit To Use?

Trust is the foundation of any relationship. A buyer and seller relationship also requires a strong trust element. It is safe to say that AliExpress is a safe website and can be considered trusted. The buyer protection program that can be availed on the website protects the buyers from fraud.

Unreliable sources must not be used as payment methods as that is what causes the majority of problems. Feedbacks and reviews of the previous buyers are a very important factor to be considered before purchasing a product. This will show how reliable a product is.

If you are unsatisfied with the feedbacks, you may personally contact some buyers to clear any doubts. In short, AliExpress is a trustworthy website.

What If You Are Facing An Issue On ALiExpress?

Is AliExpress safe And Legit To Use?

In case you received a product that is different from your order or if you are facing any issue, here are some ways to get past them.

  • File a report on the dispute on the website and attach proof of the same.
  • On the respective payment method chosen by you, attach proof of the undesired product and send it to the supplier.
  • Write up negative feedback on the seller to ensure this is not repeated.
  • If you plan on returning the product, demand a shipping payment. Since shipping to China is comparatively cheaper than vice versa.


We have now reached the end of the article. It is hoped you are now aware of the works of AliExpress and are ready to purchase from them. The detailed review on the trustability factor and the safety factor is hoped to play an important role in your AliExpress experience.

As online shopping has now formed an inevitable part of our life, it is delightful to know that an array of options are there to choose from. We hope we answered if AliExpress is safe, trusted, and legit If one does not like the works of a certain website there are always multiple other options.

If you have used AliExpress previously, do leave a comment in the comment box describing your experience. Any troubles faced by you whilst using the website will be quickly resolved by us if you leave it in the comment box. Happy Shopping!

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