How to Fix Youtube Playback Error?

This article is all about the YouTube playback error. Undoubtedly, YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform and has millions of users, who completely rely on it for amazing video content about different areas of interest and different age groups. But at times, users have to deal with some playback errors. In this article, we will be knowing everything about it.

What is YouTube Playback Error?

When a user wants to play and watch some YouTube video, he encounters difficulty in playing some particular video. This hindrance in the playing of a video is called YouTube playback error. There can be many factors and reasons behind it but whenever it happens, any one of the following notifications will be displayed on the screen:-

1. This video is unavailable.
2. An error has occurred.
3. Something went wrong. Tap to retry.
4. Playback error. Tap to retry.
5. Connection to server lost.

All these notified issues are generally encountered by the users of YouTube while they are looking for some video content. These can be done away with through some specific actions about which we will be discussing further in this article.

Reasons for Playback Error on Youtube

There are some obvious factors and reasons which cause the Playback error. Here I am listing all such factors. These are as follows:-

1. Modified network connection

One of the primary reasons for error is the changes made in the IP configuration or simply in the network connections. The modification in the network connection directly affects the performance of YouTube while playing videos and hence occurs the error.

2. Automatic DNS

At times, the error is caused deliberately through an automatic DNS. This works when an automatic DNS is assigned to the ISP which eventually leads to the playback error. This can be fixed when users opt for Google’s public DNS for his/her connection.

3. Cached DNS data

The DNS resolver cache sometimes collects such data which triggers and interference with an outgoing connection. In this case, the badly cached data held by the DNS resolver cache leads to the disturbance in all the outgoing connections of a user and as a result of it, the playback error generally occurs on Youtube. This particular issue can be easily resolved by clearing the DNS cache data.

4. Corrupted Browser Files

Another reason behind the error is such browser files which are corrupted. The files of a browser usually get corrupt when some badly cached data is stored or when some browser hijacker has targeted the connection. To resolve this issue, only restoring the reinstalling of the browser will be enough.

How to fix YouTube Playback Error?

The error can be easily handled if we opt for some methods. Here, in this article, I am listing down all the potential ways through which a user can easily fix the YouTube playback error. Some of the methods to do so so are as follows:-

1. Sign out and sign in to the Google account

This is one of the easiest ways to fix the error. This is a two-step process. All you have to do is, at first, to sign out of your Google account from YouTube. After this, you can again sign in to the account to make the YouTube work properly.

The prime reason for doing this is that there can be some errors in the synced data of your Google account which hinders the proper working of YouTube. Once you follow this method and sign in again to your Google account, there are high chances of proper functioning of YouTube and hence the error will be resolved.

2. Clear all the data

When some corrupted data get stored in the cache memory or the browser cookies and history, it starts creating trouble in the playback of videos on YouTube. An easy way to fix the error caused due to the corrupted data is to clear and delete all the data stored in the browser of the device such as cache memory, history, and cookies.

To do this on your phone, all you have to do is to navigate to the settings menu and then switch to the application section to clean all the data of YouTube. On the other hand, if you are doing this on PC, you have to go to the history window of the web browser and then clear all the Stored data.

3. Adjust or change the video resolution

Another way to troubleshoot the YouTube playback error is to alter or change the resolution of the video being played. You can find the drop-down option on the bottom right corner of the display screen. There are instances where the video playback is not supported to a particular resolution. Once you switch the video to some other quality, the playback error will be automatically fixed.

4. Update the YouTube application

An easy way to resolve the error is to update the YouTube application to the latest version available. At times, when you are using an outdated version of the application, it starts creating issues in the working of YouTube and the playback error is one of those issues.

To make YouTube work properly you just have to update the application to the latest version. Updating the application to the latest version will also bring in some new features. So move forward now to update the YouTube application to fix the playback error instantly.

5. Restart the router/modem

Sometimes the error that occurred is not so complex. It can be fixed just by restarting the router/modem. This method can resolve the error very quickly as it forces the device to recreate the connection. It is very simple to follow this method. You just have to press the power button of the router-modem to restart it. First press the power button to turn off the device i.e router/modem and then wait for a while to turn it on again.

Alternative Methods to fix the Playback Error

If you are not satisfied with any of the methods mentioned above, then you can switch to some other methods to fix the YouTube playback error. These are as follows:-

6. Change DNS address

7. Reset router/modem

8. Reinstall the browser

9. Remove the DNS cache

10. Restore the system

11. Disable/enable autoplay

12. Disable extensions

13. Update the router

14. Check the data connection

15. Check the Google server.

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As one can notice that I have covered almost all the aspects of the YouTube playback error. Any user, who is having a problem with video playback on YouTube, should go through this article to find out the issue and resolve it. Hope all of you will greatly benefit from this article and this article will surely help you in fixing the error. Feel free to use the comment section to give your suggestions and queries.

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