How to Fix Stop Code Memory Management BSOD Error?

Sometimes when you are working on your computer and suddenly you get to see a message reading MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_ERROR. To know more about this error and to fix this, stay here and do read this article completely. The causes, solutions, and other relevant information about the stop code memory management error will be the part and parcel of this article. Let’s start by knowing more about BSOD error.

What is Stop Code Memory Management?

While running Windows, when you enter into the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error, Microsoft will suggest you a phrase reading ‘memory management. As soon as this message is displayed on the computer screen, the screen turns blue and becomes unresponsive to any of the commands.

As the name suggests, memory management maintains the memory of the Windows operating system. The memory management feature makes the operating system smooth, fast, effective, and protects it from any sort of glitches. It is also helpful in maintaining the performance of RAM and also accessing the memory locations of the system.

Therefore, as a whole, the memory management feature is responsible for allocating memory to every program to achieve effective memory allocation to ultimately cause the windows to run faster and smoother.

1. Reasons Behind the Error

As per the information available on the official website of Microsoft, the memory management error occurs when there is any sort of problem in the system with regards to the management of memory in a particular system.

There is nothing to worry about the driving factor behind the memory management error as there are so many tools available, with the help of which you can figure out the actual reason behind this error. BlueScreenView and WhoCrashed are examples of such tools. A few of the prominent reasons behind the memory management error are as follows:-

1. Disk errors
2. Infection due to any virus
3. Corrupted system files
4. Software or hardware glitch
5. Faulty memory
6. Faulty video driver

How to Fix the Stop Code Memory Management Error?

The ways which are useful in fixing the stop code memory management error are discussed below in detail.

1. Update Windows

Most of the time, the main reason behind the error is an old or outdated version of the Windows operating system. The obvious solution for this error is to update the operating system to the latest version. To update the operating system, you have to follow some simple steps. These are as follows:-

Step 1 – Press Windows key + I to open the settings tab of the computer device.
Step 2 – Go to the update and security section.

Step 3 – Now check the device update status by navigating to the windows update section.
Step 4 – Complete the update procedure if there is a need for an update.
Step 5 – Once the update is finished, reboot the computer and hence the error will be fixed.

2. Restart the computer

This is probably the easiest way to fix the stop code memory management error. Simply pressing the windows home button on the keyboard will do this for you and your computer will be restarted which ultimately will lead to fixing the error of memory management. You can also restart or reboot the computer manually through the power switch. So do try switching off your computer and turning it on the back again if you want to fix the error easily.

3. Run Memory Diagnostic tool

If you could not find any reliable or efficient fix for the stop code memory management error, then there is a possibility of fault in the RAM of your computer. To check if there are any issues with the memory, you can use the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool which is a built-in utility of the computer. This Utility tool is used for checking RAM whenever a user reboots the system. The memory Diagnostic tool can be accessed through the following steps:-

Step 1 – Press the Windows button and R key at the same time and type ‘Mdsched’ for opening the windows memory diagnostic tool.
Step 2 – Now select any one of the options displayed on the computer screen such as ‘restart now’, ‘check for problems’ or ‘check for problems the next time I start my computer.
Step 3 – As soon as the process of rebooting the computer is finished, press the Windows button + X to select ‘Event Viewer.
Step 4 – Now go to the navigation bar on the left side of the computer screen, select ‘windows logs’, and double-click on ‘system’.
Step 5 – Select ‘Find’ from the actions panel displayed on the right and type ‘memory diagnostic’.
Step 6 – Lastly, by clicking on the ‘Find next’ option, you will see a result log at the bottom. From this log, you can easily find if there are any issues or errors in the RAM of your computer.

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It is really difficult to crack the error as every time you will find variations while diagnosing an issue about memory management. In this article, we have included the possible fixes for the stop code memory management error and the steps that need to be followed in fixing the error. Do write to us, if you find this article helpful or you have any queries regarding this particular error and stay connected.

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