How to Fix PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on Firefox?

Everyone of uses the internet these days. The medium through which we access might change, but the fact is we all stay connected through the internet. But what do you do when you want to access a web page but cannot get a response? Not many users can fix such a situation. This puts them into panic and they can do nothing but to wait and watch because, without the internet, they don’t understand how to fix it. Therefore, in this post, we will discuss one such error called PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR which you might face in the future. This post will cover everything from the origins to the fixes of this error. So, if you want to know about the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR in detail, read this post till the end because every line is filled with information derived from credible and tested sources.


Many times the users panic to an extent when they encounter an error screen as if the system has crashed. It is rarely a possibility and such a reaction occurs due to a simple reason that they are not at all aware of what has happened. So, to keep things simple, we will introduce you to the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR in an easy way. Let’s assume you want to connect to a website. All the websites are hosted on one or the other web server and the browser downloads the web page from that server. What happens when the download fails?

When the download fails, the browser tries to connect again. But when the browser fails repeatedly, within a short period, it throws out an error message that might vary from one browser to other. In Mozilla, we get an error message which says PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR. When you get such an error, it simply means that there is a connection issue between the host server and your web browser. Now what causes this connection issue, we shall look in the next section of this post.


For now, we know that this is a connection error and in this section, we shall look at the reasons behind the connection issue. Generally, it is due to a no-response state from the host server. But, this usually is fixed within minutes or at most, hours. If you face the error for a longer duration, then you must look for the fixes to the error. the reason why we say this is because this indicates that the issue is in your device. We have given a summary of the reasons behind the error below for reference:

  1. Filled up browser memory
  2. Issues with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)
  3. Issues due to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  4. Interference by Antivirus Program
  5. Internet Service Provider blockade

We shall look at the steps to fixing this error in the next section, one by one so that you can use the Mozilla browser seamlessly.


Now that we have discussed a lot about the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR and the reason why it shows up, we need some effective methods to fix this error. This is an easy process that takes just a few clicks. However, we make sure that one method that has worked for your friend might not work for you. So, try all the methods one after the other to fix this issue.

1. Clear the Browser Data

The reason why we ask you to clear the browser data is that when websites load on your computer, they occupy space. When the browser is loaded with data, it takes time to allocate space to the web pages that have to be downloaded. In this process, the security system of the host server times out the request, and what you get on your screen is nothing but a PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR. So, here are the steps to clear the browser data from Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and click on three dots on the top right corner.
  2. Click on Options and go to Privacy and Security.
  3. Select the Cookies and Data tab and click on Clear Data.
  4. From the list of checkboxes, click on the type of data you want to clear.
  5. We would suggest clearing cache first and if the issue persists, then go for Clearing all the data.
  6. Finally, click on the Clear option.

Restart the browser and try to access the web page. If this was the issue behind the error, you will notice that you have now loaded the page successfully. If the issue still pops up, we have other methods as well.

2. Disable the VPN

Several users have VPN software installed in their systems. Most of the users don’t use them at all and they are in their system because they came with some other software, complementary. However, several VPNs hinder the connection with several host servers. So, it is better to get rid of them if you do not use them at all. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Open Control Panel and go to Programs.
  2. Find the VPN program and click on it.
  3. Select Uninstall and confirm your decision.

Restart your system and you shall see that the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR has vanished from your browser. If it persists, there might be an issue with the Transmission Control Protocol. We have talked about it in the next method.

3. Disable the TCP Filters

The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is responsible for the security of the websites you visit. It approves a site as safe or unsafe based on its SSL certificate. So, you might be facing the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR because the TCP has filtered it out. To fix the error at this stage, you need to disable this filter. Here is how you do it:

  1. In the Search bar, type Control Panel and click on the app.
  2. Select Network Connections and open Properties.
  3. Under Properties, click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and go to the Properties tab.
  4. Click on the Advanced tab and then go to Options.
  5. Under the Optional Settings, find the TCP/IP Filtering option and open Properties.
  6. Uncheck the Enable TCP/IP Filtering (All adapters) check box, and click on OK.

That’s all. Your TCP will now run smoothly and your network connection may resume to normal.

4. Disable the Antivirus Program

As we talked about the VPN programs, there are several antiviruses as well that unnecessarily interfere with the connections. You cannot blame them for that because all they do is provide security. The error might be occurring because you are trying to access a potentially unsafe website. this issue can be fixed by temporarily disabling the antivirus. Here are the steps to do so:

  1. In the Search bar, type “Windows Security”.
  2. Click on Virus & Threat Protection and open the Settings.
  3. Under Manage Settings, turn off the Antivirus for a specified period, say 15 minutes.

That’s all. you can now easily make it to that website. But if you still face the error, it is time to change your network, possibly.

5. Use a Different Network to Connect

Many times the internet speed is too low that the connection gets reset. this also gives PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR on your browser. A very simple method to get rid of it is to change the network and check if the issue is fixed. Most probably the issue will be fixed, but if it does not, there is bad news for you. This means that your Internet Service Provider has blocked that particular website. So, you will need to change your ISP.

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This was all about the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR which you face on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. We hope that this post helped you enhance your knowledge about this error. Overall, the PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR is a common problem that can occur in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, but it can often be resolved by following the right troubleshooting steps. If you are still facing the problem, You can contact Mozilla Firefox support for further assistance. If you know of any method that we have not mentioned over here, share it with us and we shall update the post. The comments section is open for you to share thoughts about this post.

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