How to Fix Audio Renderer Error on Windows?

The audio renderer error may appear during the playback of music. There can be several reasons behind the error and there are also possible ways to fix this particular error. As a user, you may encounter the problem multiple times, so you need to take some concrete steps to fix the error. In this article, we will be looking into all the aspects of the error. Please go through the complete article.

What is an Audio Renderer Error?

While you are playing some music an audio error can be caused. One of the reasons for this error can be the wrong interconnection between your pc and the audio card. When you are waiting for your favorite content to be played, the error can cause trouble in this and you have to fix the error first. The audio renderer error may also occur due to outdated or missing audio drivers, conflicts with other programs or audio devices, or issues with the audio settings on your computer.

Whenever you encounter this error, a message will be displayed on the screen reading ‘Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.’ There are multiple reasons which cause this error and of course, there will be some ways or methods to fix the error. Let’s take a look into all of this, one by one.

How to Fix Audio Renderer Error?

As we have discussed earlier in the article there must be some reasons behind the studio renderer error and some inherent methods to fix the error. Here we will see all the possible ways or methods to fix the error. Some of them are as follows:-

1. Restart the Computer

One of the most common solutions for the error can be the restarting of the computer. This solution is sometimes obvious as when this error occurs the message displayed on the screen mostly reads ‘Audio renderer error. Please restart your computer.’ But if you or for this solution, this could be a temporary solution for the error.

Restarting the computer can be a beneficial method to choose if this error is caused due to system lag. After giving a try to this method, the error will no longer appear on the computer. Even after this, if the error remains there, then you need to opt for some other method to fix the audio renderer error.

2. Uninstall Audio Driver

The problem can be caused as a result of the malfunctioning of audio drivers. The only solution for the error caused due to this, is to uninstall the audio driver. As soon as you uninstall the driver, Windows will be directed towards reinstalling the audio drivers. The reinstalling of the audio driver will hopefully fix the error caused due to problematic audio driver.

3. Run Audio Troubleshoot

At times, when the error occurs on the computer, you do not know the actual reason behind it. In that case, the only way to find out the reason for the error is to run audio troubleshoot on your computer. With the help of an inbuilt Windows troubleshooter, you can run the troubleshooting process. For this, you need not install any third-party troubleshoot software.

The inbuilt troubleshoot utility in Windows possesses some strategies to repair audio-related errors. As and when you will run the troubleshooter on the computer, it will scan all the audio devices that are connected with the system.

Now you have to select that particular audio device that is causing the audio to render an error. At last, you need to follow all the instructions to complete the troubleshooting process.

4. Update the Audio Driver

Sometimes the outdated drivers in your computer can be the sole reason for the error. To do away with the error caused due to an older version of the driver, you have to check at regular intervals whether your device has the updated for the latest drivers. Updating the audio driver can rule out the possibilities for the error as a result of some glitch or bug in the sound drivers.

Sometimes it will be difficult to find the driver updates through Windows then you can find one through a web search. Lastly, in case you want to check the current version of the driver, just right-click on the driver and select Properties from the menu.

5. Reconnect the Audio Devices

This is probably the easiest manner to fix the error. To fix this, you just need to plug out and then again plug in all the audio devices that are connected to the computer. But there is a problem with it. This method can sometimes be very useful but most of the time this method serves as a temporary way out and does not last long.

If you want a permanent solution, you should switch to some other methods. Reconnecting of the audio devices helps check the weak audio connections if any. Apart from it, connecting two or more audio devices at the same time can also be the triggering force for the audio renderer error.

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Final Words

On an ending note, this article is the best place for you if you want to fix the audio renderer error permanently. As you can notice while going through this article all the possible methods which bring in the error and the solutions available to fix the error have been lined up and are discussed in detail. Hope all of you will greatly benefit from it. Feel free to use the comment section below to give your queries and suggestions.

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