How to Eject Water from Apple Watch?

If you have an apple watch and are thinking about how to eject water from the Apple watch then this article is meant for you. In today’s times, gadgets have become an integral part of our lives. These gadgets may range from smartphones to smartwatches and other electronic gadgets. One such gadget is the Apple watch. At times, water gets entered into the watch and makes you worried about the working state of your apple watch. But now, you need not panic about this, as in this article I will be telling you how to eject water from an Apple watch. Please go through the complete article to know the details.

How to Eject Water from Apple Watch?

An apple watch comes with some amazing features such as tracking our health, sleep, fitness, and other daily activities or habits. One other excellent feature of an apple watch is that you can wear it even if you are under the water, that is, the Apple watch is completely water-resistant.

But don’t let it go just like this. Whenever water gets entered into the watch, you just need to follow some specific instructions or steps to know how to eject water from the Apple watch. The steps to do so are as follows:-

Step 1 – First of all, you need to swipe up the screen from the bottom to open the control center.

Step 2 – After reaching the control center, you have to find the ejection feature by scrolling down. This feature in an apple watch is displayed through a water drop icon on the drop-down list of the control center.

Step 3 – Once you get to see the water drop icon, Tap on it to enable the water lock feature.

Step 4 – As soon as you click on the water drop icon, a prompt reading ‘turn digital Crown to unlock and eject water’ will be displayed on the watch face for the screen.

Step 5 – At last, you need to turn the Digital Crown of your apple watch to unlock the screen, and eventually after some time, a few blue dots will appear along with the sound of water being pulled out of the watch. This indicates that the water which entered into the watch is being ejected.

So, the above-mentioned five steps will serve as a guide for you if you want to know how to eject water from the Apple watch. By simply sticking to the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to push out all the water from your apple watch.

What is a Water Lock and How Does it Work?

The Apple Watch comes with a feature that gets you to eject water from the Apple watch. This is also known as the water lock feature, which helps in pushing out all the water from the apple watch. The water lock feature is indicated by a water drop icon which can be seen when you swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center.

A person can greatly benefit from the water lock feature of the Apple watch. Some of the benefits of the water lock feature and the water drop icon on Apple are as follows:-

1. The water lock feature is really simple to use and also serves as a wonderful protective measure for the Apple watch.

2. The water lock feature automatically gets activated as soon as the person wearing it start some water-based activity, be it swimming or taking a shower.

3. One can also activate the water lock feature manually through the control center. You can easily navigate to the control center by swiping up the screen from the bottom and when you scroll down the list of features, the water drop icon can be seen. By just tapping on this water icon, the water lock feature can be activated.

4. To turn off the water lock, you just have to start turning the digital crown away. As soon as the digital crown turns away, the sounds of water being pushed out can be heard.

5. After turning the digital crown is finished, a message will be displayed on the screen of the Apple watch notifying that the watch is now unlocked and the water in the watch has been successfully ejected from it through the speaker holes.

Alternative Tips for Better Functioning of Apple Watch

All of us have habits and personality traits that are different from one another. Some of us must be right-handers and some are left-handers. This trait has a say in the better functioning of your Apple watch. All of you must be thinking that I am joking. But no, it indeed matters.

It’s good that you should wear the Apple watch in your left hand as the digital crown and buttons lie on the opposite side of the Apple watch which makes it difficult to use for a person who wears the watch in his right hand. If you will just simply try to turn the watch to another side to use the features, the display screen of the watch will be upside down.

To save yourself from this, all you need to do is to go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and navigate to the General tab, and then you will see the ‘Watch Orientation’ option, by taping on which you can lock the orientation of the Apple watch and can prevent the display screen to turn upside down.

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Final Words

In this article, I have lined up all the answers on how to eject water from an Apple watch. The water lock feature of the Apple watch is discussed thoroughly in this article. By going through this complete article, you can make your apple watch last long by enabling the water lock feature. It is important to note that even with the water lock feature enabled, it is still best practice to avoid submerging your Apple Watch in water for extended periods of time. Also, if you find that your Apple Watch is not functioning properly after being exposed to water, it’s best to take it to an authorized repair center for a professional assessment. Additionally, it’s also good idea to use a third-party water resistance tester to check the water resistance of your Apple Watch in regular intervals. Do write to us if you want to know more about the other wonderful features of the apple watch.

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