6 Best Fallout Shelter Tips and Tricks in 2023

Every single one of us has had a candy crush phase how much ever we may deny it. Once that phased-out fallout shelter became our next addiction. Fallout shelter tips can be useful while playing the game which is basically a simulation video game. As it is available on various platforms, fallout shelter tricks will be essential for all its users. It is currently available on Android, Nintendo Switch, PS4, iOS, Xbox, Microsoft Windows.

A vault is to be created by the players and they are assigned the role of an overseer. This insinuates a commander position over the dwellers and they are to ensure the dwellers are satisfied. Through this article, you can learn various fallout shelter tips and tricks. Continue reading to baffle your friends during those multiplayer times!

A fallout shelter is a highly popular game that was released in early 2015 on iOs. It was then released on various other platforms such as Android, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, etc. The post-apocalyptic environment of the game indulges the users to build a shelter for the game players to reside during the post-apocalyptic season. Being a survival-oriented game, the characters have to possess enough resources to continue the game.

Fallout Shelter Tips For Vault Dwellers

To ensure your survival rate is super high, ensure to follow the following tips listed below.

1. Go slow on the Building

In the beginning, it might be quite exhilarating to start building in all the areas around your dwelling. However, it is advised to resist going nuts over the same and building as the Caps assist in the beginning to pay for the same. After a while, too many buildings in the areas end up with you using up all the resources you possess. This not only affects the score but also agitates the dwellers of the area and of course that is something we try to avoid.

2. Keep them Busy

It’s not a surprise as we are all aware that keeping ourselves busy increases productivity. Similarly, when playing the game it should be a must to keep all the dwellers busy. It is like dealing with babies, they don’t know what to do unless instructions are given. After you assign a particular task to the dweller, they tend to remain in the previous position. To avoid this and the agitation of the dwellers, continuously assign tasks to the dwellers and keep them busy.

3. Happiness is What Matters

When you are a ruler of certain land, the first and foremost priority is the happiness of the subjects you rule over. Similarly, as an Overseer, the only priority is to ensure the dwellers are happy at all times. Make sure the resources such as food, water, etc are always stocked to the maximum. If they are satisfied, there wouldn’t be any complaints and the work would go on smoothly.

4. Acquisition of Weapons

Many are against the use of violence and weapons but in a post-apocalyptic world, it is very important to make use of weapons. You have to ensure that you have the weapons at the earliest possible and then begin using them as well. The fallout world may seem safe at first glance but is littered with threats. Make sure your dwellers are well equipped to fight off these threats. It raises the probability of the dweller’s survival.

5. Love is Great but not on Fallout Shelter

When you see love blooming anywhere, your natural reaction is “AWWWW”. But when it happens on fallout shelter, unless you have enough resources, yell “STOP.” The feature where 2 dwellers start talking and let the romance bloom between them is nice for entertainment purposes.

However, when this turns into conceiving a child, it may lead to trouble for the overseer. This is because the newly born baby will need extra care and attention. This leads to depletion in the resources ie. food and water.

6. Objectives Pave the path

When you are starving and so are your dwellers there is no other option but to search for options to source the same. Throughout the game, various objectives are listed by Fallout shelter to complete. On completing these objectives the players get a considerable amount of resources as a reward.

This is a great alternative that allows you to stock up on necessary resources for a very minimal effort. The levels of difficulty of course increase throughout the game so do the number of Caps received for accomplishing each objective.


As we reach the end of the article, it is hoped that the readers are thoroughly informed on the workings of the fallout shelter tips. It is a highly popular and fun game that gets you more addicted than coffee too sometimes. We have described 5 easy tips and tricks and a bonus one too to boost your fallout shelter game to a whole new level.

If there are any other tips or tricks that you have been using, feel free to leave them in the comment box below. Any troubles faced by you while playing the game will also be quickly answered by us if you leave the same in the comment box. May the Overseer prevail!

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