99 Fake Credit Card Numbers That Work in 2023

False credit card numbers are not necessarily for evil purposes only, they are actually for good purposes sometimes. Do you know that those fake credit card numbers can be used to test transactions in your e-commerce? Before starting an e-commerce store in Shopify or woo-commerce, you have to test the transaction using fake credit card numbers.

But then, there are a great number of instances where fake credit cards are used for illegal activities. We shall discuss both sides of this in this article. You shall also get to know how these fake credit card numbers are generated. If you want to know about false credit cards and fake credit card numbers, then you are at the right place. I request you to stay until the end of this article as you might gain immensely from the article.

Beware of Fake Credit Cards Generation

There are several ways to generate fake credit cards. You can generate them by using card skimming. If you do not know what card skimming is, I will explain it. Basically, the credit card thieves attach a small machine outside the transaction machine. The transaction machine does not detect this small machine.

When somebody swaps the card, the card details are captured by the device, and then a duplicate card is manufactured with the same details. The prime location where we see such thefts happening is ATMs, restaurants,  gas stations, etc. After the dummy card is created it is then systematically magnetized and given a perfect finishing.

A new card can also be generated by stealing a credit card. Generating a new credit card using the photos of the credit card. There are established manufacturers from whom you can fabricate a duplicate credit card.

NOTE: Fake credit card scams and fake credit card numbers are two different things. A fake credit card is dangerous, but a fake credit card number is used to check if the payment gateway is working properly.

Fake Credit Card for Testing Purpose

False credit card numbers are used for testing any payment gateway. Now, if you are trying to start an e-commerce store or sell any digital products, you need to test your payment gateways. To do so, you need false credit card numbers. These numbers do not work for actual transactions but help you verify that your payment gateway is working properly.

1. Validate a Credit Card

Now let me tell you how to validate a credit card. You can validate a card very easily using the steps below. The algorithm used to validate the credit card is Luhn Formula.


1. First of all, put the last digit from the number. We are going to only check the last digits.

2. Next, reverse the digits.

3. After that, go on to multiply digits in an odd position with 2.

4. Subtract all the numbers greater than 9 by 9.

5. After adding all the numbers, check the digit at the end that is needed to get a multiple of 10.

Fake Credit Card Numbers 2023

Below are the number of fake credit cards that do not work. You can use that to check your payment gateways of yours. Without a valid CVV or an owner’s name, you cannot withdraw any money. So do use them only for checking.

1. Mastercard

These are some of the MasterCard numbers, and these fake numbers can also serve your purpose.

  1. 5555555555554444
  2. 5105105105105100
  3. 5425233430109903
  4. 2222420000001113
  5. 2223000048410010
  6. 2222405343248877
  7. 2222990905257051
  8. 2223007648726984
  9. 2223577120017656
  10. 5111010030175156
  11. 5185540810000019
  12. 5200828282828210
  13. 5204230080000017
  14. 5204740009900014
  15. 5420923878724339
  16. 5455330760000018
  17. 5506900490000436
  18. 5506900490000444
  19. 5506900510000234
  20. 5506920809243667
  21. 5506922400634930
  22. 5506927427317625
  23. 5553042241984105
  24. 5555553753048194
  25. 5200828282828210 (debit)
  26. 5105105105105100 (prepaid)
  27. 2223003122003222 (2-series)
  28. 5226164971145124
  29. 5185728832255261
  30. 2221001378202912

2. American Express

Below I am giving you several American Express numbers.

  1. 78282246310005
  2. 371449635398431
  3. 374245455400126
  4. 378734493671000 (American Express Corporate)
  5. 376431049827804
  6. 378585105075745
  7. 342727484949693

3. Australian Bank Card

  1. 5610591081018250

4. Diner’s Club

These are some of Diner’s club numbers and you can use them

  1. 30569309025904
  2. 38520000023237
  3. 36227206271667 (14 digit card)
  4. 30572904488071
  5. 30415102828500
  6. 30389556375351

5. Discover

These are Discover numbers and you can use them too.

  1. 6011111111111117
  2. 6011000991300009
  3. 6011000990139424
  4. 60115564485789458
  5. 6011440606943324
  6. 6011901491640564
  7. 6011530166351798888
These are JCB cards number. You can use them.
  1. 3530111333300000
  2. 3566002020360505
  3. 3566000020000410
  4. 3533613979622321
  5. 3532415556199454
  6. 3542836409799673638

7. Dankort

These are some of the fake Dankort numbers if your store is accepting payment in this.

9. Instapayment

  1. 6383363276321227
  2. 6377438615100439
  3. 6398880054878576

You can choose a number from the company of the card in which you intend to do your transaction. Then you can go on to check your payment system by using this number.

False credit card numbers are basically numbers that have been created by the algorithm used by the companies but have not yet been issued under the name of any user. In other words, these numbers will not work until they have been given an owner and a CVV number.


I hope you have understood the usage of fake credit card numbers. I have listed several fake credit card numbers from different companies. You can use them to test the payment gateway. The false credit card numbers can be used for testing purposes only. While duplication of a credit card is a big threat, so beware. I hope you enjoyed this article. Lastly, I would tell you to kindly tell you your views in the comments below. Do tell us if you want any more information.


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