How to Delete iOS 14 Beta on Your iPhone?

Beta testing is great until the new version comes along. And if you’ve been with Apple or use Apple products regularly, you know that they love to come along with the next new model within a year of the previous launch. As a result, in this article, we’ll focus on how to delete the iOS 14 beta version and upgrade to the newer and better versions available.

You can hop on to the bandwagon and get rid of the public beta version that Apple launched a couple of years ago. Some versions have even faster processing and novel features that make iOS 14 looks like a technical dinosaur. Maybe not that old, but you get the gist right? Let’s get started.

What is iOS 14 Beta?

A beta test or version is essentially a trial version that helps the company get a feel of how the product would be received by the customers. It is always better to test out your product with a smaller customer base and if it’s a success, the brand can take it to the next level and officially launch the item or version. On the other hand, if the beta test does not receive adequate positive feedback, the version can either get some tweaks or a new model can replace the existing one.

In this case, Apple launched the iOS 14 beta version to test it with the customers and check for bugs and other technical aspects. When the beta version was launched a lot of people got it because that was the new hip thing Apple introduced into the market. But if you’ve grown out of it, nothing is holding you back from getting the latest version of iOS.

How to Delete iOS 14 Beta?

We finally have the answers to your ‘how to delete iOS 14 beta’ question. In fact, we have 4 suitable ways for you to take this forward with. Be sure to go through each one of the methods thoroughly before you take any steps.

1. Delete Beta Profile

The most straightforward way of dealing with this problem is to just delete the beta profile. Let us break it down for you. Once you get rid of the beta profile, you will automatically create space for the new update on your phone.

  1. Open Settings -> General, and select the Profiles & Device Management option.
  2. Click on the iOS Beta Software Profile option.
  3. Select the Remove Profile option.
  4. Now restart your device and the iOS beta version will be gone.
  5. Check for any software updates on your device and if there are any get them.

2. Update iOS Version

This is probably the most obvious way to eliminate the iOS 14 beta version, which is waiting for the update to show up on its own. You will be able to see the alert normally on your phone screen. Otherwise, you should follow these simple steps to check whether there is an available update for your device.

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Select the General option present on the screen.
  3. Now tap on the Software Update option and install any updates if there are present.

3. Delete Beta Developer

Another efficient way to solve the ‘how to delete iOS 14 beta’ problem is to delete the beta developer. In this case, you will have to make sure that your data is restored before you delete it.

  1. The first step is to ensure that your Mac or iPhone has the latest version of iTunes installed on the device.
  2. The next step is to link your device to your computer, then have the recovery mode in your device on. The steps for turning the recovery mode on differing depending on the type of device you have.
  3. Select the Restore option when it shows up on the screen. By doing so, the current beta version will be erased from your device and the new version of the official iOS version will be installed.
  4. Now all you need to do is wait for the restore to get over. At one point you will have to enter your Apple ID and password, which will help you to disable the Activation Lock.
  5. Once the restoration process gets over you will be able to set your device up. If you’re lucky you can even access the archived backup present from the earlier iOS version.

4. Call Customer Service

If nothing seems to fix the ‘how to delete iOS 14 beta’ issue and you still have the annoying trial version on your phone, you will have to pull out the big guns. If this is your last straw, then head straight to the Apple Support website. Here you can contact the support members and get the most efficient way out of the iOS 14 beta version.

Final Words

Woohoo! You’ve made it to the end of the ‘how to delete iOS 14 beta’ article. We hope by this time that you have deleted the iOS 14 beta version off your phone and have the latest version on your phone. If the issue hasn’t been resolved by now, then you should not hesitate from contacting the customer service Apple. Have a great day ahead!

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