20 Best Overclocking Software 2023 (CPU, GPU & RAM)

Want to get rid of slow pc? Don’t have pocket money to upgrade your Pc hardware? It is not mandatory to spend $$ $$$$ on RAM, SSD, and other CPU parts to increase its performance. Pc performance can be improved with the help of various software too, and that software is known as Overclocking software.

If you are facing severe lag issues in your PC, then you are landed in the right place. Here in this post, we will share a few of the best overclock software that helps you boost your PC/Laptop performance to a great extent. Before proceeding further, let me first brief you about what is Overclocking?

What is Overclocking Software?

Overclocking is the process of boosting the clock rate of your CPU, RAM, GPU, etc. Now you guys are wondering about what is clock speed? Clock speed measures the number of cycles that our processor executes.

When you run any program on your PC, then according to that software requirement, your RAM & CPU will be used. In high-end heavy software, you will feel a little bit of lag if you have a low pc configuration.

Best Overlocking Software

Now you don’t have to worry about the same guys as here we are going to share the top 10 best overclocking software for CPU, GPU, or even RAM. Let’s dive into the main part of this post and know more about this popular software.

1. MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner overclocking software for pc

This is one of the most popular overclocking software developed to date. Even if you check other tech websites, you will find the MSI Afterburner always on the top of the list. With the help of this software, you can easily control your CPU, GPU & Graphics card directly from a single interface.

This tool provides you with the power to modify your clock speed as per your software requirement. If you are a gamer then this software is gonna be your best partner as during the gameplay you can easily look up your FPS & other performance details directly on your screen itself.

Not only that, MSI Afterburner provides you with your real-time system performance details, clock speed, RAM usage, etc. You will definitely feel the boost after installing this software on your Pc.

2. CPU-Z & GPU-Z

cpu-z overclocking tool

CPU-Z & GPU-Z is one of the leading overclocking software which gives tough competition to all the software in the same niche. Basically, this tool is like a tiny bomb as its size is very less but it is fully loaded with advanced clock speed functionality.

CPU-Z helps you to control all your CPU-related details, it will give you the wings to keep track of all your CPU monitoring details. Alongside, GPU-Z will serve you with the current scanned report of the GPU-Performance of your PC.

The best part about this software is that you can easily adjust & customize your clock speed with this single beast software.

3. EVGA Precision X

evga best overclocking software for pc

EVGA Precision X is a special software developed to control and manage all the performance settings of PCs with an NVIDIA Graphic Card. Almost 80% of Gamers or heavy PC users must have NVIDIA as their graphic partner.

Now forget about the NVIDIA complex tuning mechanism, simply download the EVGA Precision X software & keep real-time track of all your system performances. With this single tool you can monitor your RTX settings, Scanner, RGB Led control, CPU Fan control, etc.

4. Intel XTU

intel xtu - best overclocking software

Intel is one of the oldest and premium processor brands which supports millions of PC & Laptop users. Even if you are using a low configuration device then also you will see that machine is loaded with an Intel graphic card & processor.

This software has made CPU performance tuning very easy. With Intel XTU, you can control all your GPU & CPU Clock rates, fan control settings, RAM enhancement, etc.

5. NVIDIA Inspector

nvidia inspector oveclocking software

NVIDIA Inspector is somewhat similar to the EVGA Precision tool. As per its name, This software keep track of all your PC graphic card settings like an Inspector.

This controlling tool keeps the gamers updated about all the system faults and issues. Not only this, NVIDIA Inspector allows the player to adjust the graphic card settings with one-click setup options.

6. AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master software

AMD Ryzen master is another beast software that serves the user with the utility to access all their AMD Graphic Card settings. This tool provides you with complete details about CPU Voltage, CPU Clock Rate, System speed, and various control settings.

Not only this, but you can also set up the various modes while playing heavy PC games. However, this software mostly suits best to AMD chipset devices.

7. ASUS GPA Tweak

asus gpa tweak II

ASUS is famous for launching highly configured laptops/PC components. ASUS GPA Tweak is one of the best graphic controlling software.

With the help of this single tool dashboard, you can easily manage all your graphics-related settings like CPU/GPU clock rate, FPS, Fan speed, and much more. Download this best overclock software for your PC & control all your device settings with just a single click.

8. ATI Tray Tool

ati tray tool software

ATT Tray Tool is one of the amazing software using which you can manage all your overclocking system reports. Basically, this software provides the user with all the PC graphic card monitoring under a single tray.

When you install this overclocking software, you will be provided with a tray-like dashboard and from there you can manage all the important settings like hardware monitoring, On-Screen display settings, clock speed, GPU settings, etc.

9. DRAM Caluclator For Ryzen

DRAM Overclocking software

DRAM is one of the top-notch overclocking pc software having AMD Chipset. With the help of DRAM software, Users can manage all their system memory management, clock speed, CPU control, graphics card monitoring, GPU settings, FPS, Oc scanner options, fan control options with this single software.

10. AMD Overdrive| AMD RYZEN

AMD Ryzen Master software

If you are having AMD Graphic Card on your PC then AMD Overdrive is going to be the best overclocking software for you. Basically, With this clocking software, you can control all your internal performance like RAM usage, CPU & GPU performance.

The best part about this tool is that you can run a complete system check whenever you want and then accordingly fix the issues available in your system. You are provided with a single-click optimization feature in this AMD Overdrive. This is one of the best software available for all the high-end devices loaded with AMD Chipset.

20 Overclocking Software for CPU, GPU, and RAM

Presenting you the list of the best software which serves you with the feature to manage all your overclock rate of your PC. They also help you to make control your CPU, RAM & GPU. Choose the best software according to your system requirements.

  1. MSI Afterburner
  2. CPU-Z
  3. GPU-Z
  4. AMD Overdrive
  5. EVGA Precision X
  6. Intel XTU
  7. NVIDIA Inspector
  8. AMD Ryzen Master
  9. ASUS GPA Tweak
  10. ATI Tray Tool
  11. DRAM Calculator
  12. Sapphire Trixx
  13. CPU Tweaker 2.0
  14. Memset
  15. nTune
  16. Intel GMA Booster
  17. Intel Extreme – XMP
  18. Riva Tuner
  19. ASUS GPA Tweak II
  20. AMD Controller


Overclocking PC software is really the best tool to manage all your graphic cards & other system performance settings. We have listed the top 20 best pc overclocking software in this post. Hope you guys found this post informative. If you are using any other software for your PC then do let us know in the comment section.

Also, If you have any queries related to this post then please comment down below. Our team will reply to you asap. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for reading.

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