10 Best Fortnite Players in 2023

There is a new industry that has emerged since the later years of the 2010s, known as the Esports industry. This industry, like all others, has some of the best performers and unarguably, they are the Best Fortnite Players. This post is all about those players and we have provided a detailed list of the players. However, taking care of the new visitors to the website, we shall start with a brief introduction to Fortnite.

What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is an online video that was released in 2017. There are three modes for the players to walk into the game and these players know no boundaries. The players can compete with each other via the internet from anywhere in the world (and dominate their performances too). But becoming a top player is not easy. You need to understand the game and that is what the Best Fortnite Players have done over the years. So, without any further waiting period, let’s take a look at the top players of the game.

Who are the Best Fortnite Players in 2023?

Fortnite was released in 2017. This is 2023. In these 6 years, Fornite has seen various shifts in the rankings. Hence, in this section, we have listed down the Top 10 Fortnite Players to make an updated list for 2023. Let’s take a look at the players, starting from number 10.

10. Tayson

If you have been following the Fortnite tournaments lately, there is no way you would have missed this player. Tayson is among the top players when it comes to Fortnite. Although he has made a lot of movements into and out of the top lists, this European player is here to stay. Truly, he deserves to be on the list after his recent performance at Fortnite Chapter 3. The reason why we say this is because Tayson has teamed up with Th0masHD for Duos and that is certainly going to help him in the days to come.best fortnite players

9. Hen

The ninth spot is again taken up by a European, and he is a credible one called Henrik McLean. You may trust our words or witness for yourself when we say that Hen is a player who can easily outmatch any other player mentioned in this post. It only has to be his day. He had grabbed a few cash cups in the early phase of Fortnite Chapter 3. The Lithuanian star player from Guild Esports is one of the youngest players to rule the leaderboards when it comes to Fortnite. Nobody can miss him watching a play, certainly when he is improving day by day.

8. Champix

If you follow Falcon Esports, then Chapix is their star performer. He had teamed up with Hen and even Tayson in the past, to achieve some of his greatest victories. However, that is not the only positive aspect of this 17-year-old chubby face. Behind his glasses are some great strategies that are based on his understanding of the game and he is someone who makes the best out of it. He started in 2019 and in less than 30 months he has made a name for himself, which shows that the world will be watching him even in 2023.best fortnite players

7. JannisZ

The German teenager, who has won two FNCS in a single year was certainly going to be on this list. It would be no exaggeration if we would say that in a couple of years, JannisZ would be ruling the leaderboards altogether. He is a member of Falcon Esports and was the winner of Solo International Chapter 2. He was also one of the top players in Chapter 2 Season 5 of FNCS in 2021. We do not know what JennisZ has for us in 2023, but we certainly know that the next time we publish this list, he will be amongst the top 5 instead of the top 10.

6. Th0masHD

Since we are not mentioning Th0masHd for the first time here, we hope that you are familiar with the name. He is the guy who used to play Duos with Tayson. Thomas Høxbro Davidson, which is his birth name now plays for Astralis and is one of the most notable players to look out for in 2023. He has a good understanding of his pace and deploys certain strategies at the appropriate time and moment to make some great cases of victories for whichever side he represents. That is the reason why this Danish player has been associated with teams such as Atlantis, Gamma Gaming, Guild Esports, and Rakos Esports.best fortnite players

5. Benjyfishy

Probably the youngest adult on this list, this Englishman is amongst the best Fortnite players that Europe has ever seen. He has ruled the European servers and is one of the longest reigning players of Fortnite. Although he is not in his best form at present, he is here to stay because of his passion for the game. It would be no surprise if Benjy David Fish comes out victorious in 2023 and rules the leaderboards again, for he knows how to reach the top.

4. Rehx

As we are reaching the top of our list, the 100Thieves are starting to show their faces. One of the prominent faces of the 100Thieves is Rehx, who is occasionally seen playing in the North American East Cash Cup and North American West Cash Cup. But beyond that, he is one of the best Fortnite players at present, with the second most victories in the last year. He may occupy a better spot in the rankings that are published in the latter half of 2023. So, do keep a watch on this American for the time being.best fortnite players

3. EpikWhale

Shane Cotton, better known as EpikWhale is one of the names that are synonymous with 100Thieves. Although he is no longer associated with them, after joining NRG Sports, he is still a promising player. He is well known for the keyboard incident that took place while he was living in a tournament, but his performance has only improved day by day since that incident. Do you never know if he might be at the top at the end of 2023?

2. Bugha

Kyle Giersdorf, better known as Bugha was the inaugural holder of the Fortnite Championship and unarguably the best player of all time. He went past some 40 million players to register a victory and repeated it by winning the last season. In 2021, he had gone slow but the comeback Bugha made in 2022 has only made him spectacular. This American Fortnite player will certainly hold his position in 2023, if not rise to the ranks of the best among the bests.

1. Arkhram

Diego Palmer or Arkhram held the second spit in the last FNCS but that has not let him slip his position in this list. The reason is his consistency and command over Fortnite, which has only improved since 2019. A proud member of 100Thieves, he has made his team the holder of the top positions in almost all the tournaments. So, with proper teammates, he could shine in Duos as well in 2023, apart from solo tournaments.best fortnite players

Honorable Mentions for the Best Fortnite Players

Here are a few more Fortnite players who could be new entrants into a list that we would compile later in 2023. Do not miss out on these players while you are following Fortnite Championships.

  1. Mero
  2. Dukez
  3. VortexM
  4. Jahq
  5. Cented

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This was a list of the best Fortnite players of 2023. However, we have our method to determine the rankings and this is just our opinion. Being on this list is a great achievement and the rankings of the players can change anytime. Hence, we recommend that you share your feedback via the comments section. We shall surely update the list sometime later in 2023.

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