Top 10 Apps to Watch Movies with Friends Online

How many times did you wish if you could watch a certain movie with your friends? Probably quite often. But what if you were in a condition that you could not even meet your friends? While this was next to impossible a decade back but as of now, this thing is pretty much possible. The reason is the now trending apps to watch movies with friends. Therefore, you can now choose a movie, decide a time with your friends, grab some snacks and sit in front of your computer to enjoy the movies. No physical contact is required, no traveling is needed at all. But how does that happen? You shall know everything about such technology in this post. Let’s begin.

These apps enable you to remotely see your friends as well as the movies together. So, in short, you can assume it to be a video call with your boss just in your office. The only difference would be that instead of your boss on the common screen, there is a movie playing and everyone is enjoying it at a suitable time.

But do you wonder how such technology work and what are the requirements to enjoy movies with friends without meeting them at all? The answers are in the next section.

How do the Apps Work?

The apps are not very much different from the video call apps with a screen sharing feature. Instead, in the list below, we have a video call app too included in the list. All these apps need is a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection, a device with a screen with each friend, and some leisure time to spend. That’s all and you can see how seamlessly these apps will enhance your movie experiences. And if you are curious to know which apps you can use for this purpose, here goes the list.

10 Best Apps to Watch Movies with Friends 2023

A quick note before you begin browsing through the10 best apps to watch movies with friends. These apps are not listed best to worst or in any particular order. Use your discretion to choose the best app for you.

1. Watch2gether

The platform of Watch2gether is one of the best apps to watch movies with friends online. The reason why we say this is because you need to furnish no personal details about yourself to watch movies with friends. Instead, you only need a temporary username and it is good to go. Your friends will be able to join the room that you create and you all can watch the movies online. You also get an option to directly stream movies and shows from Dailymotion, YouTube, and other such sites.

2. Parsec

Now many times it might happen that all your friends do not have access to the movie that you want to watch. So, do you sit back and re-plan everything? Not at all when you have Parsec because it allows you to stream your entire screen. So, your friends may or may not have a membership to watch a movie and you can share your screen with them. Also, Parsec was designed for streaming games online so it has the least latency among all the apps to watch movies online. Hence, a great choice to make if you want to.

3. Scener

Now comes Scener which is another app with a great feature. this app is beneficial if you want to talk to your friends while watching movies with them. This app divides your screen into two sections and the movie plays in a section and the other section allows you to talk to your friends in real-time. This is akin to watching a movie at your home with friends or sitting in a cinema hall together. What makes this app better is this app allows you to join parties hosted by people of the Scener community and meet new people, while watching movies.

4. &chill

All these apps to watch movies with friends make it possible to have the belief that you are with your friends. But this does not give a real feel anyway. That is where the app called & chill comes into the picture. This app allows you to decide on a seat for you in a cinema hall and you will see that movie from that angle.

Similarly, your friends can watch the movies from the angles that they choose. This provides a realistic experience to all the people present together at their places. Also, this allows you to watch queued videos so that you can enjoy web series as well, with one episode playing after the other, without any break.

5. Twoseven

When it comes to watching movies, you are not always looking out to enjoy yourself with only friends. There are several couples too who are not able to be together for one or another reason. They can use this app called Twoseven to watch movies together.

This is also available as a Chrome extension which they can use on their web browser. To watch a movie on Twoseven, at least one of the members has to play that on their screen and the app will guide through everything thereon. This app is remarkably the best app to watch movies with friends as long as couples are counted as friends too.

6. SyncPlay

SyncPlay is one app that you can use if the media exists on your hard drive. You can add your friends on SyncPlay and simply start with the playing of your media. You can use your video player on your device and then as soon as you hit Ready to Play, all your friends can watch whatever you play on your computer screen. Also, you can chat with your friends but only in text messages.

7. Gaze

Gaze is by far the simplest app to watch movies with friends if you are a group of friends who are together at two places. You can create a room on Gaze, share the link and that’s all. You all can watch whatever you feel like together as if you would do anywhere else. However, the limitation as of now which stays with Gaze is the number of connections. That is limited to two, although Gaze is working on this part.

8. Gidd

Gidd is a pilot project but it is a great app to spend time with your friends. You can not only watch movies but also play games with your friends using Gidd. However, this app is more focused on gaming and everything else is an add-on if you get it. But that is good for movie and game lovers as they get everything they need through this app.

9. Plex VR

The Plex VR is a good app to watch movies with friends because it combines VR with the experience. So, you can easily decide where you would be watching your movies and you can put a scene over there. All your friends can either share the same scene or can watch it under different scenes.

You get several options such as apartments, beaches, and even theaters to choose from as the scenes. You also see your friends watching it in front of the screen, as a person on this app.

10. Zoom

Zoom is an app that you would use for meetings alone. But not anymore because Zoom is now available with features that allow you to share videos online and stream them. You may add an audience while playing the host and you would have an awesome experience of watching movies with your friends. This is very helpful if you all want your workplace at Zoom to be cool these days.


So, these were the top 10 apps to watch movies with friends. The list is not exhaustive, as we have already mentioned in the post. However, if you know of any other app that should find a mention in this list, let us know using the comments section and we shall make the necessary edits as required.

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