Apps Like Klarna: 15 Best Alternatives Apps in 2023

Well, we all must have heard about this app Klarna and it’s amazing to use, it’s basically a buy now pay later app. You might be here looking for more apps like Klarna. So well, welcome pal, I’m going to help with not only one alternative but with the top 10 Klarna alternatives to make your shopping easy. You can enjoy the flexibility to get what you want, shop what you want, and pay over time. You can pay in 4 installments with Klarna through their app. Let’s look at what are these alternative apps.

So, Klarna has many competitors who provide the same service as Klarna.

Best Apps Like Klarna 2023

Well, here are these top 10 cool apps like Klarna to make our shopping better and convenient. You can download and learn about this app from the information given below.

1. Sezzle

Well, Sezzle provides us with buy now pay later with Sezzle payments. Sezzle allows you to purchase from thousands of stores, receive your order immediately, and pay for it over 6 weeks, and that too interest-free.

You can reschedule your future payments and even change your payment methods as you wish. Though, it’s one of the best platforms for you to shop and pay later without worrying about all those interests.


2. Afterpay

You must have heard about this app too, the service goes with its name “Afterpay”. Afterpay allows you to shop with multiple stores online by being comfortable on your couch and it takes payments through installments. You might be happy to hear this, Afterpay can even work offline.

You can purchase items from a local shop and just scan the barcode on the product provided to make payments through installments. Isn’t it cool? Online and offline both as you prefer.

3. Quadpay

Quadpay payment also goes with its name “Quad”. It allows you to pay installments every 2 weeks. You can shop online from your favorite stores and don’t worry about paying all at the same time. You can pay for your products in 4 installments just like its name. It’s pretty easy to use and convenient for you.

4. Paypal Credit

Paypal Credit has more than 4 million users around the world. It’s one of the famous apps and convenient as well. You will be given a revolving credit card with a reusable credit line that is linked to your PayPal account.

It’s cool that you can make online purchases of your products and you can even pay the entire cost of the product over time as you prefer. The credit card system is pretty cool.

5. Affirm

Well, Affirm is available on both android and IOS and it’s easy to use. Just like Klarna, you buy now and pay later in installments. It does take interest depending on your credit score, interest rates range from 0% to 30%. When you use Affirm, you always know how much you’ll owe and when you’ll be done paying.

There are no hidden fees, and there no late fees as well. Affirm has its own terms and conditions and it works according to it. Affirm has partnerships with many online and offline stores as well, so the plus point is whenever you visit these stores that are partners with affirming you will have an option to pay through affirm as well.

6. Laybuy

So, in Laybuy you can pay for your products in 6 installments, can you believe it? Laybuy is even interest-free. Over 2000 online shopping websites accept Laybuy as a payment method.

You’ve to pay, the first installment at the time of the purchase. You can pay through credit as well as your debit card. And other payments will be like this too and the amount will keep deducting every time you pay through installments.

7. Bread

Okay, don’t go with a name this time (just kidding). Well, Bread’s has a Split Pay feature and allows you to pay in four installments, interest-free. You can avoid interest charges and additional fees if you make all of your payments on time of the installment. Bread also provides us a payment plan. Terms can range from three to thirty-six months.

8. Simpl

Simpl is simple to use, it’s a buy now pay later app as well. You can use Simpl for all of your daily transactions, including ordering groceries, food, and medicines, purchasing travel tickets, and paying utility bills, among other things. Simpl has quick and easy payments with just one tap.

Simple aggregates all of your orders from various apps and presents you with a single bill for repayment every 15 days. It’s easy to use and it has great offers. The refund feature is really simple and you don’t have to wait for days. As I said Simpl is simple to use.

9. Slice

Slice is basically, a buy now pay later app but with a Visa card. It is a Visa card with a pre-approved credit line that was created specifically for millennials. The slice card can be used to make payments at over 5 million merchants both online and offline.

You can get access to a forever free VISA card that comes with a credit line. You can shop now and repay when it suits you. You can even pay the next month for free or convert your bill into EMIs.

10. Chillpay

It’s a new app, which offer’s the same service of buy now pay later. Chillpay is an interest-free app. The Chillpay app, allows you to buy what you want today, have it delivered today, and make four equal payments every two weeks. The Chillpay app makes shopping and paying with Chillpay easier than ever.

15 Klarna Alternative Websites for Buy Now Pay Later

There are plenty of apps like Klarna available which are similar to Klarna. Detailed information about a few of the apps is mentioned above to give you a clear detail about the apps. Here are some of the names added further to the list for your better shopping experience.

  1. Sezzle
  2. Afterpay
  3. Quadpay
  4. Paypal Credit
  5. Affirm
  6. Laybuy
  7. Bread
  8. Simpl
  9. Slice
  10. Chillpay
  11. Zippay
  12. Flexshopper
  13. Splitit
  14. Fingerhut
  15. Lendyou


I hope these apps like Klarna will help you in making your shopping better and more convenient than ever. So, if you’re no more interested in Klarna or if Klarna isn’t available in your country, you can check out these Klarna alternative apps which are easy to use and offer’s the same service.

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