8 Best Subtitles Download Sites For Free

After watching movies with subtitles always, it is almost unnatural to watch one without it. When it comes to watching movies or TV shows on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Prime, etc, it is bound to have inbuilt subtitles. However, if you happen to have a movie downloaded and want to watch it offline, it is difficult to watch it without subtitles. It is of course not a compulsion to watch movies or TV shows with subtitles, but if you get used to it, there is no going without it. Don’t panic, we’ve got you covered, continue reading the article to discover the top subtitles download sites!

Top 8 Subtitles Download Sites in 2023

Saving some time of yours, we have carefully picked out the best sites to download subtitles for your favorite movies from. Check it out!

1. Moviesubtitles.org

This is a very popular website used by those watching movies offline. The best feature of this site is the ease when it comes to user navigation. The interface is very easy for users to understand and use. The number of languages available is also very impressive.

Another feature admired by users is the organized manner in which the subtitles are filed, alphabetically. The only slight drawback is that this website, true to its name only provides subtitles for movies. So, if you were hoping to catch up on the latest episode of your favorite show, this site is not your ally.

2. Subscene

Earlier, when having a Netflix subscription wasn’t that common, almost everyone knew the struggle of finding subtitles. It is impossible to talk about subtitles and forego this website. Subscene is one of the best sites to download subtitles, with over sixty languages to choose from.

They also have a very enjoyable user interface which saves time for users and gives them what they require without hassle. Another appreciated feature is the file format they use, “.srt” which is the most commonly used file format by all media players.

3. Open subtitles

Just like how the name suggests, the site is very open and receiving in terms of languages and users. They have over a million files to offer individuals using the site. The languages on the website are also very appreciable and it is very easy to download them. The only complaint from users is the high amount of advertisements on the site. It is, however, understandable as they have high traffic on the site as well as the services provided are great.

4. SubtitleSeeker

If the world had magic, this site is definitely the creation of that. Some movies are highly underrated, sp you’d want to watch them. The problem arises when there are no subtitles for the same, which is why this website was built. Those extremely hard-to-find subtitles have found a home on this website. The creators of this website are also kind enough to keep updating the site with new releases. All of the users are in love with the website also because of how easy it is to navigate the website with the user interface.

5. TVsubs

We came across a website earlier that caters only to subtitles of movies and now, we have a partner for the same. This website provides subtitles for TV shows, with a variety of languages from all over the world. The user interface of the website is quite easy to navigate, however, some may say it looks a little too dated. However, it does not matter as the content on the website makes up for the same. The downloading process is simple just like all other websites, it downloads as a zip file with content inside.

6. YIFY Subtitles

This is another very popular website for downloading subtitles. They have content for both TV shows as well as movies and this is very much appreciated by the users. They have the subtitles in the form of zip files with “srt” format inside which has to be extracted by the user. The amount of languages available on the website is very impressive that is, over thirty, and for almost every movie or popular TV show, you might want to watch.

7. Downsub

This website is used to obtain subtitles for videos on Youtube, Viki, Vlive, etc. If you are a fan of pop culture as well as the dramas originating from South Korea, you might be familiar with the aforementioned two websites. Viki caters to dramas from Korea, China, etc and Vlive captures the live videos of popstars from Korea and other countries. This site will help you understand the videos by providing you with subtitles.

8. Addic7ed

The name no doubt sounds a little strange, however, the content on this website is very much loved by its users. With a wonderfully easy use user-interface and multiple languages, this website has certainly won the hearts of many individuals. The website provides subtitles for both movies as well as TV shows and in over 18 languages. The only thing you will have to do before receiving the content is to create a free account.


As we reached the end of the article, it is hoped you are now aware of the various sites to download subtitles. Keeping understandability as the priority, we have curated this article with descriptions of all the options so it is easy for you to make your choice.

We have added all the necessary links to access the sites that we have provided. If you face any troubles whilst using the sites, feel free to use the comment box to elaborate. Happy Streaming!

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