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Azuki Media Everywhere ™

Unique, Powerful, Cross-Platform Solution for Cable TV Providers to Make TV Everywhere Initiatives a Reality.

Changes in consumer’s video viewing habits and increased competition from Internet-based video services have pressured multi-service cable operators (MSOs), Telcos, and Satellite TV providers to deliver on the promise of TV Everywhere initiatives. Azuki’s groundbreaking solution, Azuki Media Everywhere, enables TV service providers to:
  • Deliver video experience with universal content protection on all cross platforms (Apple, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry)
  • Provide highest quality of end-user experience for video streaming and downloading
  • Increase revenue per user by providing access to TV shows everywhere.
  • Deploy TV Everywhere initiatives faster than competitors

Azuki Media Everywhere™ is a complete, simple, yet powerful media delivery solution that eliminates the complexity and decreases the costs associated with delivering any content over any network to any device at any time – in a timely manner. With Azuki Media Everywhere, deploying 2nd and 3rd screens takes less time and effort, is simple and easy to accomplish, and maximizes utilization of existing video distribution infrastructure.

Azuki Media Everywhere™ Benefits

  • Shorten Time-to-market for Mobile Video on Any Device Over Any Network
  • Simplify Cross-platform Digital Rights Management (DRM)
  • Highest-Quality Cross-platform HTTP Delivery for Adaptive Streaming and Downloading
  • Single Cross-Platform Workflow for Efficient Deployment
  • Capitalize on Next Generation Services to Existing and Future Subscribers
  • Gain Insights on How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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