Next-Generation Personalized TV Everywhere

Personalized TV Everywhere experiences and services based on preferences, networks, devices, locations, and media consumption information.

Entering the New TV World

As TV service providers enter the new over-the-top multi-screen world, they are faced with the very real issue of a complex and highly fragmented TV Everywhere operational environment.  This results in delays to market as well as partial, inefficient and costly TV Everywhere service deployments.

Powering the Next-Generation
TV Everywhere
Experiences and Services

Azuki has built a powerful and scalable solution designed to accelerate the time to market for next-generation TV Everywhere experiences and advanced services, enabling:


  • Live and VOD content ingestion, both dynamically as well as automatically associated with appropriate metadata, social connections, entitlements and rights information.
  • One-time content preparation for multiple platforms/networks.
  • Dynamic control and switch of programs and services on the fly.
  • Personalization of user experience with no changes to the video stream.
  • Dynamic and targeted multi-screen ad insertion and replacement.
  • “Follow-me” (i.e., bookmarking) content for live and VOD across multiple devices.
  • Time-shifted TV (Start-Over TV, Catch-Up TV and network DVR) for all channels across all screens.
  • Flexibility to customize and personalize user interface and experience.
  • Social interactivity and third-party integrations.
  • Advanced search, discovery and recommendation for any content to be discovered, watched or sent to any device for viewing at any time, online and offline.
  • Multi-screen real-time content, consumption-based metrics.
  • Full digital rights management (DRM) protection with root of trust at all times.
  • On-the-fly robust policy enforcement on any device over any network
  • Flexible multi-screen monetization options.

Delivering a Consistent, Intuitive and Powerful UI with Both HTML5 and Native Application

While some vendors support one app development environment at the expense of the other, we at Azuki stand for empowering service providers to use both HTML5 and native app technologies synergistically. By doing so, service providers can seamlessly leverage all the benefits of automating and simplifying UI generation with HTML5, while also uniquely enhancing the UI and graphics design with powerful functionality that only a native app can provide.

Remote-Controlling the STB TV Using Any Device

Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere solution allows service providers to use a branded companion application to control the content on the STB – to browse and surf channels and to find and select what to watch, when and where – without disrupting viewing on the main screen.

Viewing TV Programming Across All Screens

With Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere solution, service providers can give subscribers the freedom to watch their favorite linear live, recorded and on-demand programming on any device, in any room in the home.

Delivering Targeted/Addressable Advertising

Azuki enables TV service providers to unlock new revenue opportunities with targeted/addressable ad insertions (replacements) for live, time-shifted, on demand and OTT content – and track who viewed what, where and when.

  • Deliver user-personalized, relevant, and timely targeted/addressable ads
  • Maximize targeted/addressable ads with real-time consumption metrics

Enabling Upsell/Cross-Sell Opportunities

To effectively upsell/cross-sell, service providers need to become aware of the type of content that subscribers are consuming, the devices they are using, and their preferences and locations.

Azuki’s next generation TV Everywhere solution gives TV service providers the ability to have a presence on the app to control multi-screen service access and authorization while also capturing and correlating real-time user-consumption metrics based on device, content, user and location awareness.

Integrating with Digital Storefront Transactions

Azuki helps TV service providers to easily and quickly integrate with digital storefronts to enable one-to-one user-personalized app-level transactional VOD (T-VOD) and online merchandising offerings that are related to the content subscribers are watching.


With Azuki, TV Service Providers Can:

  • Focus on retaining and growing subscriber base by reducing churn and increasing ARPU with new differentiated and personalized TV Everywhere services across all screens.
  • Ensure superior TV Everywhere experience across all devices by dynamically controlling and adapting (in real time) to network conditions to ensure high QoE and QoS.
  • Increase ROI by leveraging existing video back-end infrastructure to deliver multi-services to all screens with speed, low CAPEX and without complexities.
  • Build a future-proof framework for personalized TV experience that is flexible, scalable and provides ongoing operational efficiency with open, standards-based support for devices (CE/mobile/STBs), program guides, back-office systems and networks.

With Azuki, TV Service Subscribers Get:

  • Simpler, faster and more relevant and interactive TV Everywhere experience
  • Freedom to control TV experience
  • More personalized and advanced TV services across all screens
  • More flexible TV Everywhere viewing options
  • More relevant content and promotions
  • More service options at competitive prices, including free with ad-supported content
  • More power and functionality behind a great UI

Azuki One- Pass TVE

Azuki powers the next-generation TV Everywhere services with one-to-one personalized experiences.  

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