The Azuki Next-Generation TV Everywhere Solution for MSOs/Cable Operators

You operate one of the most powerful, extensive networks with great content relationships: advertising partners and customers who expect their video services from you. But the world has changed. Consider alternative video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, a rapidly growing market segment that barely existed a few years ago.   

In order to stay ahead of the market and offer new, compelling services to subscribers, you need to capitalize and monetize on the new wave of TV Everywhere technologies.

Azuki’s Solution for
MSO's/Cable Operators

Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere is a powerful multi-screen video delivery solution that lets you take your first-screen TV content and user experience to any screen.  It also enables you to reclaim analog quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) bandwidth and speed your migration from QAM to all-Internet Protocol (IP) video.  Our solution is tailored to build off your strengths and deliver amazing multi-screen video to your subscribers – fast.

  • Have the confidence that, no matter in which direction technology shifts, you’ll have a robust multi-screen video-delivery solution that is future-proof and will adapt to the changes.
  • Offer more profitable services, including Video on Demand (VOD), high-definition (HD) content and high-speed data (HSD) services.
  • Deliver your linear live and VOD content to multi-screen devices with advanced services, including time-shifted TV (i.e., Start-Over TV, Catch-Up TV and network digital video recorder [nDVR]).
  • Profit from advertising relationships, while growing your bottom line and capturing new subscribers. And, while you’re at it, reduce Consumer Premises Equipment (CPE) costs.
  • Your networks are large, extensive and expensive to build. Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere solution integrates with your existing infrastructure – and helps with your IP vision – so you not only protect that investment, but you also leverage it to create an even stronger and more dynamic TV Everywhere offering that is future-proof.

How it Works

Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere solution integrates with your existing infrastructure in a robust, market-proven, reliable manner. We understand that your best solution is one that fits with the workflow, technologies and techniques you’ve already deployed so that you can offer subscribers substantially more without reinventing the network.  With Azuki you can:

  • Normalize video multi-screen delivery with a single preparation in the back end, which enables rich video quality of experience (QoE) analytics and user reporting.
  • Dynamically control multi-screen services, including time-shifted TV (Start-Over TV, Catch-Up TV and nDVR), ad insertion/replacement, and bandwidth management with content delivery network (CDN) selection.
  • Combine content-, user- and network-based entitlements into a single real-time multi-screen entitlements-provisioning system, which is flexible to allow for other systems to provide entitlement control or conditional access, if required.
  • Protect content with a universal digital rights management (DRM) system designed for multi-screen delivery, and with an industry-best security rating.


The bottom line is a robust, scalable, class-leading, turnkey next-generation TV Everywhere solution that helps you accelerate your IP video migration, protects your infrastructure investment, deploys quickly, and provides subscribers with video quality that’s nothing short of amazing. You’ll get all of this, and more, from a proven system that’s market tested, reliable and uses the most advanced multi-screen content protection available.

Azuki’s next-generation TV Everywhere solution was built with your needs in mind. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges of embracing personalized multi-screen experiences while reclaiming bandwidth to deliver more services that increase profitability and inspire and excite your customers.

  • We offer a cost-effective solution that lets you deliver a massive linear offering by IP unicasting low-consumption standard-definition (SD) and HD content, distributed over the network only when requested.

  • Our solution allows you to reuse QAM bandwidth to deliver a better service over IP/QAM connections.

  • We enable you to reduce – if not eliminate – CPE hardware, such as tuners, DVR storage and CableCARDs.

  • We help you deliver TV Everywhere services with the ability to monetize multi-screen services beyond portals and authentication.

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