to acquire multiscreen
video platform provider
azuki systems

Azuki's Simplified
Workflow for
TV Everywhere.

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Azuki Systems

Unveils New MSO Solution for

Migration to IP Video

Azuki Media Platform

"cover the entire spectrum for
multiscreen video delivery

from workflow, media-prep and security
to ABR, DRM and analytics."
                                                  -BTR Diamonds Judges

Buckeye Cablesystems
selects Azuki Systems
to Power TV Everywhere

Azuki Powers Next Generation
Video Delivery Solutions

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Azuki Systems Announces
Support for Video Delivery
to All Screens

Built for Mobile.
Best for All.

The Azuki Platform - designed from the start to be the best mobile video platform in the world, now serving any screen.

[Content Protection]N

You put everything into creating
amazing content. We put everything
into protecting it.

World class content protection, enhanced by device,
user, content, and location-level controls, tied to
monetization models and ad insertion. It's multi-screen
protection to the n-th power.

Azuki Systems
Powers New
Showtime Anytime®
IPad® Application

* Best Quality Video
* Premium Content Protection

* Rapid Deployment
* TV Everywhere

* End-to-End, Multi-Platform
* Monetization Options

* Multi-Screen,TV Everywhere
* At-Home and On-the-Go