An Overview of Our Next-Generation TV Everywhere Solution

Fueled by consumer demands for anytime, anywhere, any device content viewing; increased availability of over-the-top (OTT) video service alternatives like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and Apple TV®; and the explosive adoption of Internet Protocol (IP)-based devices (smartphones, pads, smart TVs and OTT set-top boxes), TV Everywhere is here to stay.

The vision for TV Everywhere may be simple, but the hard reality is that the technology to power such a world is incredibly complex and challenging, yet lined with great potential.

We have solved a key challenge in the next-generation TV Everywhere market: how to monetize the delivery of protected, high-quality, premium video across any platform. Out of this challenge arose a series of increasingly advanced and sophisticated solutions, which allows you to thrive in the quickly changing TV Everywhere, multi-screen marketplace.

The Azuki Next-Generation TV Everywhere Solution


For Service Providers (Multi-System/Cable Operators and Telco/IPTV Operators)

Our capstone solution allows you to realize the dream of TV Everywhere initiatives by quickly, cost-effectively and powerfully leveraging existing infrastructure and systems. Azuki’s straightforward and dynamic service-provisioning solution delivers video with unparalleled security, quality, scalability, reliability and personalized all-screens experiences.  

For Content Owners

Azuki’s solution provides your subscribers with the highest-quality viewing experience. With Azuki’s universal digital rights management (DRM) framework, content owners can deliver movies and other rich media with superior content protection and root of trust across multiple consumer electronics (CE) and mobile devices. Azuki’s technology, which integrates easily into any provider’s back-office system, enables content owners to unify the user experience so that subscribers enjoy a consistent look and feel across all screens.

Core Benefits

Accelerated time to market. Our solution allows customers to cost-effectively deploy next-generation TV Everywhere services quickly and efficiently to any number of platforms and devices through one simplified workflow path integration with existing back-office systems. This allows you to focus on your network, content and service offerings – while decreasing deployment costs.

Multiple monetization options. We allow our customers to control, switch and provision multi-screen TV experiences to millions of users – with the unique ability to change the contract between the provider and the user on the fly. This translates into flexible TV Everywhere monetization options, including dynamic advertising and upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Proven in existing high-volume environments. Azuki’s multi-screen solutions aren’t concepts on the drawing board: these are being used today by high-volume media and premium service-provider environments. You get peace of mind in knowing that you’re not just using the best future-proof multi-screen video-delivery solution; you’re using the only one backed by years of real-world deployment and expertise.