Azuki Powers Next Generation Video Delivery Solution for Service Providers

January 24, 2012 \\ Azuki Systems, Inc.

First Solution to Provide Managed and Optimized Over-The-Top Delivery of Live and Video-On-Demand At Home and On-The-Go

To help service providers capitalize on the growth of consumer-owned devices and growing demand for TV Everywhere, Azuki Systems is announcing the availability of the next generation managed and optimized OTT live and on-demand video delivery solution framework for the Azuki Media Platform™. For the first-time, service providers can quickly and easily augment their existing managed networks and monetize on their own OTT content delivery to multi-screens at home and on-the-go – without having to build a new network infrastructure. Now, service providers can increase video service revenue and enhance customer loyalty while expanding and attracting new subscribers by offering new live and video-on-demand (VOD) content to all consumer-owned devices. 

News Facts

Azuki today announced the next generation OTT video delivery solution framework that seamlessly extends service providers’ managed set-top-box services to multi-screens, at home and on-the-go, with equivalent user experience and zero impact to existing DOCSIS and IPTV infrastructure. 

With Azuki, service providers can ensure unmanaged networks behave and perform like managed networks, with no disruption to existing video operations, enabling service providers to capitalize on multi-screens and TV Everywhere initiatives, with:

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device session-shifting
  • End-to-end entitlement control per subscriber, device and content
  • Dynamic multi-screen ad insertion
  • Extended HTML5 compatibility for monetization and security
  • Detailed consumption analytics and metrics from all device types

Azuki manages OTT video delivery by simplifying and automating the process of normalizing and unifying media preparation, adaptive streaming, digital rights management (DRM), entitlement enforcement, analytics and monetization - including ad-insertion, across all consumer-owned devices.

Service providers can sign-up for the Azuki Two Day Challenge, through which Azuki will prepare, protect and deliver the service providers’ live and VOD content to their choice of multiple screens, in less than two days. No other company in the industry can perform a multi-screen demonstration this quickly. Service providers can fully deploy the Azuki managed and optimized OTT video delivery solution for both live and VOD in less than 100 days.

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Azuki Enhances the Power of OTT Video Delivery By:

  • Fulfilling its managed and optimized OTT video delivery solution through a connector-based service delivery platform and its multi-screen delivery client, allowing for a simple plug-and-play interface with service providers’ existing back-office systems.
  • Establishing market’s first two-second fast-channel-start/switch, based on universal segmented adaptive streaming. Now, service providers can build their own CDNs and differentiate their service from standard OTT solutions.
  • Offering a universal DRM framework that not only extends content protection to all consumer-owned devices but also supports existing DRMs by creating a new multi-screen entitlement server for consumer-owned device detection, content licensing tiering and runtime device-type and count enforcement.
  • Dynamically adjusting bandwidth usage so that user count can increase while total bandwidth remains within defined threshold, all while having standard formats and ABR. 
  • Creating CDN switching, an overlay video delivery network with policy and rules for content delivery over multiple CDNs to multi-screens. Providing load-balancing functionality based on content and end-point-addresses – similar to extending today’s server load balancing in the web infrastructure to video. This optimized delivery network also extends service providers’ internal delivery network with external CDNs to perform the function of inter-CDN failover and intelligent CDN selection for geographic reach.
  • Delivering break-through innovation with Azuki’s connector-based technology, which provides seamless interface to DOCSIS and PCRF policy servers to dynamically monitor and manage traffic peak and network capacity at all times.  

Supporting Quotes

David Dines, Principal Analyst, ACG Research

“Service providers are still trying to fulfill the promise of TV Everywhere by keeping up with consumer demand and the competitive environment,” said David Dines of ACG Research. “This concept of a managed, optimized OTT delivery system will revolutionize the way service providers can deliver video and expand on monetization capabilities for TV Everywhere initiatives.”

John Clancy, President and CEO of Azuki Systems

“First generation OTT solutions like Netflix and Hulu were largely viewed by service providers as the enemy, when in reality they are lucrative business opportunities,” said John Clancy, president and CEO of Azuki Systems.”With Azuki, it’s no longer about OTT vs. the service providers; it is about the perfect marriage between the two. Service providers that leverage the power of a managed and optimized OTT video delivery in addition to their managed services, and deliver a rich, consistent viewing experience across multi-screen devices on any network, will achieve leadership positions in today’s world of video.”


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