Azuki Media Everywhere™ for Content Owners

The world has experienced a number of visual revolutions – from motion pictures, to color TVs, to digital video – and we’re now in the middle of the next great change: mobile, over-the-top, multi-screen, TV Everywhere revolution. Azuki enables you to connect your great content to this growing trend and amaze viewers, generate more revenue, and rest assured that you’re protected along the way.

Make certain your content can be enjoyed on the host of smartphones, tablets, next-generation media players and other devices powering the new video delivery revolution to any screen over any network lifestyle.

What is Azuki Media Everywhere™?

The Azuki Media Everywhere™ solution is the world’s highest-quality, most advanced multi-screen video solution. It deploys your content to any device on any network at anytime, allowing you to reach viewers with on-demand short-form or movie-length video how they choose. From the back porch to the back seat of a car, on an Android phone or an Apple iPad, you can be certain that viewers are seeing the best quality premium video, managed and protected.

How it works.

Our solution was purpose-built from the start to be the most sophisticated, most protected, and most reliable OTT optimized multi-screen video solution possible. For example, existing DRM solutions are insufficient for mobile and multi-screen devices, or require too many resources to run on multi-screen devices, so we developed a next-generation content protection solution that addresses the unique needs of OTT optimized multi-screen. That dedication and focus goes into every aspect of our platform.

  • A cost-effective, turnkey solution that plugs into your existing network and works alongside your existing partners. Even better, you can choose to let Azuki manage the service for you, so your focus remains creating great content.
  • We protect your content like no one else, providing not only world-class security but also device, user, content, and location-based controls.
  • Our platform is scalable, flexible, and it’s also fast to deploy. With an Azuki Media Everywhere™ solution and our 90-days-or-less deployment timeframe you’ll be sending shows over the air while they’re still on the air.
  • Profit from your productions. With Azuki Media Everywhere™ you can realize a revenue stream from viewers who appreciate the ability to watch what they want, wherever and whenever they choose, in the palm of their hand.


You’ve pushed creatively and have some of the most amazing movies, television programs, music videos, and entertainment available – now you can be certain they will be seen by anyone, anywhere. All in a package profit-driven so you afford to explore your next flash of creative brilliance.

  • Our complete solution is a robust end-to-end workflow for content preparation, protection and delivery that takes care of every step so you don’t need to manage different vendors and technologies.
  • Azuki is leading the video delivery revolution to any screen and any network. Our proven solutions are used by some of the biggest brands in the business. Rest assured that you’ve made a smart choice by selecting a proven, reliable, robust partner with technology that’s designed to handle whatever direction the OTT multi-screen landscape takes.

The Azuki Media Everywhere™ solution was built with your needs in mind. We’re here to help you overcome the challenges with embracing the TV Everywhere revolution so you can put great content in viewers’ hands, wherever those may be.

Give us a call to give it a spin.