Azuki Systems is now part of Ericsson
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Nov 15 2013 \\ Written by: Cheng Wu

Verizon Media Services has recently acquired upLynk, a start-up founded in 2010, for a purported value exceeding $75M. But, why would Verizon pay such a premium for a small video services company with only a dozen employees?

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Oct 31 2013 \\ Written by: Raj Nair

In today’s TV Everywhere world, users want the flexibility to watch content on a screen and at a place and time of their choosing.

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Oct 2 2013 \\ Written by: Cheng Wu

Mobile video consumption has been on the rise. That is hardly news. The real question is if mobile video, with LTE delivery and advanced compression, is ready for massive scale video service deployment?  The answer is a resounding “yes”, provided some technical and business wrinkles are ironed out.

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Sep 18 2013 \\ Written by: Cheng Wu

Telco IPTV operators like AT&T U-verse® and Verizon FiOS have enjoyed some significant subscriber growth in the past year amidst cord-cutting concerns from cable operators. Being all-IP based for its video services with more advanced video services and faster service rollout have helped, but cable operators like Comcast with its X1 and X2 Platforms™ are closing the gap.

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Aug 29 2013 \\ Written by: Cheng Wu

Paid TV services today are still anchored off – guess what? – the TV.  Yes, operators are adding TVE support at varying rates, and most don’t monetize it. Instead, it is used as a way to enhance subscriber stickiness or brand awareness.  

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