Azuki is leading the video delivery revolution to any screen over any network.  We are committed to helping our customers maximize their investment in existing video delivery infrastructure, by enabling them to monetize new OTT/TVE (IP-based) video services to consumer-owned devices, at home and on-the-go – with no changes to existing back-office infrastructure.

Azuki’s Next Generation OTT/TVE Video Delivery

What We Mean by Managed OTT/TVE Video Delivery

Azuki provides a managed OTT/TVE video delivery experience by ensuring consumer-owned devices have the same content protection, adaptive streaming and analytics functions – and only one common video preparation in the back-office for all the devices.

Normalization and Standardization of Devices

Azuki simplifies and automates the process of normalizing and unifying media preparation, adaptive streaming, digital rights management (DRM), entitlement enforcement, analytics and monetization – including ad-insertion – across all consumer owned devices.

Universal Content Protection

Studio-approved, universal DRM framework extends content protection to all consumer-owned devices, and provides support for existing DRMs by creating a new multi-screen entitlement server for device detection, content licensing tiering and runtime device type and count enforcement.

The benefits for service providers include the ability to have complete mediation of content across all screens with consistent rich user experience, Merdan-audited, studio approved content protection and multiple monetization options, including subscription, purchase, rental and ad-supported advertising.

What We Mean by Optimized OTT/TVE Video Delivery

Azuki provides an optimized OTT/TVE video delivery by enabling service providers’ content, which traverses in-network delivery infrastructure, to also traverse public networks and CDNs without changes to existing services.  Azuki gives service providers the ability to dynamically monitor and manage network bandwidth to ensure the highest-quality of user experience on consumer-owned devices – anytime, anywhere.

CDN Switching to Multi-Screens

Azuki creates CDN switching, an overlay video delivery network with policy and rules for content delivery over multiple CDNs to multi-screens.

  • Load-balancing functionality based on content and end-point-addresses – similar to extending today’s server load balancing in the web infrastructure to video.
  • Extension of internal delivery network with external CDNs performing the function of inter-CDN failover and intelligent CDN selection for geographic reach.

The benefits for service providers are the ability to optimize content delivery by leveraging multiple CDNs to quickly and cost-effectively increase geographic reach while handling failover and load balancing tasks – to confidently ensure the optimal video delivery under any network condition.

Azuki’s Managed and Optimized OTT/TVE Delivery Framework

Azuki ensures unmanaged networks behave and perform like managed networks, with no disruption to existing video operations, enabling service providers to capitalize on multi-screens and TV Everywhere initiatives with:

  • Anywhere, anytime, any device session-shifting
  • End-to-end entitlement control per subscriber, device and content
  • Dynamic multi-screen ad insertion
  • Extended HTML5 compatibility for monetization and security
  • Detailed consumption analytics and metrics from all device types

With Azuki’s next generation OTT/TVE video delivery:

  • MSOs can pave the way for a smoother migration from QAM to all-IP networks.
  • MNOs can uniquely achieve bandwidth efficiency for video delivery over wireline infrastructure before and within the cellular network - via adaptive bit-rate management for segmented video
  • Telcos/IPTV providers can uniquely solve challenges associated with extending Microsoft® Mediaroom to multi-screens

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